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MariMar Mess

So the writers for MariMar have completely killed, and I mean, KILLED the story.

In the latest episode for Friday, January 18th, 2008, Cruzita Aldama suffers from brain injuries and may not be the same ever again. Why, oh why, did they have to put the sweet little girl that everyone loves in this MariMar mess? She was just an innocent bystander that played with her toys, sometimes coaxing her mother, MariMar, to get back with Sergio. Always with her Ya-Ya, Corazon, Cruzita would always come bouncing along, with a big smile on her face that always makes us, GMA viewers (I’m still Kapamilya at heart!), give MariMar another try.

Unfortunately, the writers for the show have been thwarting off from the original story (which I do not mind, unlike the true MariMar loyalists) and have added outrageous episodes since. Just when we thought MariMar and Sergio would finally get back together (after nth time!), it is found that Angelika is MariMar’s half sister from the same father. I still do not think this to be true. Like everyone, I have my theories, and one of them pertaining to this situation is that Innocencia is the real half sister. In addition, the whole “MariMar and Sergio Fights and Gets Back Together” cycle is getting way out of hand. I can not even remember how many times that cycle has ran. Not to mention, the whole Filipino drama cliché in which the protagonist and antagonist are in someway related, or the protagonist and their lover are also related. How ridiculous!

In the Abangan scene in the last episode, it shows that Tia Esperanza is dead and MariMar is the prime suspect. HOW MANY FREAKING TIMES will MariMar be put in jail for something she did not commit? Not to forget, how many times has this poor girl been shot?! She should be dead according to the numbers. MariMar was shot once by Angelika back when she was pregnant with Cruzita, twice by Natalia when MariMar remembered her identity, then another couple times by Rodolfo when she was trying to get Sergio from harm’s way. HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING ELSE?

Don’t even get me started with the cycle I mentioned a while ago… jeez.

MariMar will end sometime around March and I am thankful for that. However, if these writers do not give us at least 2-3 episodes of happiness by the end of the series, hell, I will be pissed because I am sick and tired of this crap that’s happening in the show. GOT THAT GMA?