Triple Threat Tuesday – Lobo, Marimar, & They Kiss Again


Today’s episode of Lobo turned in second to the episode where Noah finds out that Lyka is his childhood friend, Ulay. The episode begins with Lyka jumping out of bed at the sight of her bedroom becoming a flower boutique. heh Not knowing what to do with all those flowers, she gives them to her co-workers, all the while, confused on who knew about this certain wish of hers on her “wishlist”.

Her best friend (and secret guardian), Trixie, helps her in discovering who is her secret admirer. This is one of the many aspects I like about Lobo and where the writers got it right. I absolutely love how Trixie and Lyka are when they’re together. Maybe it’s the nostalgic Filipina in me or I just really find them quite entertaining. Trixie’s character sometimes makes me wish I had my own “mare”. 🙂 With them two, the story doesn’t seem all too serious and takes on a more fun and cheeky approach.

Moving on, Trixie leads Lyka into how Noah could be the admirer. However, Lyka just pipes up that Noah may have a twin, which would explain why he has two differing personalities. hah Oh, how I love Lyka’s excuses.

Long story short, it was Noah who freaking sneaked into her room and bombarded her with flowers. How sweet and stalkerish Noah can be. 🙂 hah The episode’s packed with cute glances, nakakakilig actions, and fun conversations.

Aside from their love story, we are also taken into what’s currently happening to Nessa, Lyka’s mom. Since Nessa hasn’t been taking the pills the Luna organization gives her to stabilize her lobo instincts, Nessa was able to break free during one of her once in two weeks outting. Here’s to hoping she’s able to successfully escape from the compound.

In other serious news, Gabby confronts Noah on his feelings for Lyka. Noah admits that he’s JJ and Lyka is indeed his friend from the past, Ulay. I don’t know about you, but my initial thoughts were, “Oh shit.” The Luna already knows that Nessa has a child and it won’t take long until they put two and two together.

In the Abangan scenes, Lyka confronts Noah (so many confrontations! lol) about her wish list and her secret admirer, but we all know that he’s not going to say squat. Freaking Gabby got to him, that’s why. All in all, is anyone else excited for when Lyka changes fur? I know, I am. hah


I think I can openly say how this show has left all intelligence and has boarded a plane to the Bermuda Triangle. In fact, they’ve landed there already and have built a campfire. Strangely, they’re still able to give us daily footage of their stupidity.

I can’t even make myself watch the first few parts and have been going straight to the episode’s end for months now. I’ve been watching Marimar ever since she became Bella Aldama, but mind you, I watched the older episodes on YouTube. I should have taken it as a sign when Marimar (when she was “mang mang”):

  1. Got left behind by Sergio who went to Macau
  2. Was alone and pregnant (thanks Sergio)
  3. Was thrown out like garbage (thanks Angelika)
  4. Had her face thrown into mud to get Angelika’s bracelet (thanks Angelika)
  5. Was thrown into jail for putting her face in mud to get Angelika’s bracelet, only to have her arrested for supposedly stealing it (thanks Angelika)
  6. Had her grandparents die in a house fire (thanks Angelika)
  7. Was shot at
  8. Fell down a steep cliff, after being shot at
  9. Had to fend for herself and unborn Cruzita (by sleeping on streets and eating food in garbage)
  10. Got shot at again (thanks Natalia)

That concludes Season 1 of Marimar. See, I was able to watch all of that AND I watched all the parts of the episodes. At that time I was cheering on for Marimar and hoping to see her and Sergio get back together. Not to forget, I also loved it when Sergio and her were stuck on that island. I tell you, THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT.

Onto Season 2. I loved the beginning when Marimar, turned Bella, came back from the US to get an education (remember this word). Rodolfo was a big pain in the ass though. However, Sergio trying to prove that Bella was in fact Marimar was exciting, especially when the truth came out. The whole ordeal was a little slow in some points and I should have taken that as even a bigger hint of what crap will happen next after the truth was out.

During the time Marimar became Bella and her and Sergio got back together, this is what happened:

  1. Marimar finds out that her marriage to Sergio was a sham (thanks Sergio)
  2. Marimar almost marries Rodolfo
  3. Marimar gets kidnapped for the first time
  4. Marimar gets shot at, again (thanks Rodolfo)
  5. All the while there were tears, miscommunication, and confusion — all they had to freaking do was sit down and talk things out!!!

SO WHEN WE ALL THOUGHT that Marimar and Sergio were going to live happily ever after, after the whole Rodolfo ordeal, this is when the show just comes crashing down:

  1. Angelika becomes Marimar’s long lost sister (thanks GMA and Marimar writers for prolonging the freaking story)
  2. Marimar became dumb again (like she never went to the US to get an education) and accepts Angelika as a sister after Angelika “saved” her life
  3. CRUZITA gets stuck in a fire and almost becomes brain damaged
  4. Tia Esperanza is murdered (thanks Angelika… WILL YOU DIE ALREADY!)
  5. Marimar is the prime suspect for something she didn’t do, again
  6. CRUZITA falls into a freaking hole
  7. Sergio gets back with Angelika so she doesn’t give the police the weapon for Tia Esperanza’s murder (Marimar’s letter opener)
  8. Marimar is devastated and drinks
  9. CRUZITA is taken away by child services after they find bruises on her (thanks Angelika, thanks drunk Marimar)
  10. Marimar gets kidnapped, again.
  11. Marimar is shot at, again (thanks Marimar’s bodyguard)
  12. Marimar almost gets buried thoroughly and loses oxygen
  13. Everyone thinks Marimar is dead, again

And in today’s episode, Angelika finds out that Marimar’s death was all an act because Renato paid Nicandro and Diego to help Marimar out, so she gives the police the evidence. Now Sergio and Marimar (with Cruzita) have purchased a ticket to Hong Kong (how funny) so that they could get away. What brings our blood to boiling point (it’s been everyday), is that in the Abangan scenes, the police catches up to Marimar and Sergio at the airport.

Gah, we just can’t get a freaking break!!!!! Someone kill Angelika already — Sergio, Renato, Diego, Marimar all had chances to do so. They could’ve strangled her, poisoned her, shot her, pushed her onto a freeway (or a highway in other countries)…

They Kiss Again

I had Lobo become first for it’s a great show and They Kiss Again as last because the episode from Sunday was what we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s a little background as to why we’ve been waiting:

Qi Tai, one of the practicing nurses and classmate in Xiang Qin’s nursing department has started to like her after he sees how poorly Zhi Shu treats her. The whole ordeal started when the Jiang family goes to vacation and Xiang Qin brings along her classmates. Zhi Shu, who has already suspected that Qi Tai likes Xiang Qin, further becomes angry and does not talk nor look at her. The married couple have a fight while on vacation. Long story short (and after two weeks in our time), Zhi Shu realizes that he’s actually just jealous because of the closeness Qi Tai and Xiang Qin have, with the help of Ah Jin.

So in Sunday’s episode, I was balling with tears. The episode starts off with Jiang Mama reminding Xiang Qin that it was her and Zhi Shu’s second year anniversary. Xiang Qin then goes up to tell Zhi Shu about it and the party Mama is planning. He just replies that there’s no need for a party because they’re not happy anyway. Xiang Qin leaves and closes the door, all the while crying behind it. She then screams at Zhi Shu all her feelings: she loves him wholeheartedly and it seems like he doesn’t love her, so why did he marry her? Such a sad scene, but it was great that Xiang Qin told him that — knock some sense into Zhi Shu! lol

The scene proceeds to the cafeteria. Ah Jin overhears Qi Tai professing his love to Xiang Qin again and telling her to divorce Zhi Shu. Ah Jin runs to get Zhi Shu, and a now bruised Zhi Shu (Xiang Qin’s father knocked some sense into him as well!) tells Qi Tai that he needs Xiang Qin in his life because without her he’s not able to be himself. Basically, in a nutshell, Xiang Qin completes him. Xiang Qin hugs Zhi Shu and they make up. Poor homewrecker, Qi Tai. lol

When Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu get home, they’re holding hands and being all lovey-dovey. We love it! You have to watch it for yourselves people!

Also, Chun Mei has a complication with her pregnancy because of all the stress she’s been having over Ah Bu and his mother. But in the end, Ah Bu and Chun Mei patch things up together and Chun Mei replies that they’ll have to work on being parents.

By the end of the episode, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu miss their anniversary party because they headed off to have their own party, alone, together. So sweet! They then get home and tell Mama what happened to Chun Mei. Mama forgives them and tells them to hurry upstairs so they can start on making their own baby! lol

The next scene is hilarious and you guys just have to watch it: Zhi Shu strips. lol


There’s a major difference between Taiwan and Filipino dramas. From the past dramas ABS-CBN and GMA have come up with, they’re usually filled with tears, headaches, high blood pressures, and cycles — the stories are always repeating themselves, taking on past roles. It’s like we’re watching the same plot, but just packed with a different name. Whereas, with Taiwan dramas, even Korean and Japanese soaps, there’s always a fun factor and wit. I’m not going to say that every drama coming from those countries have been 100% great, but there have been many many hit dramas from them.

However, I think it’s safe to say that ABS-CBN has taken a different leap with Lobo. At first I didn’t think that such a titled drama would work — come on, LOBO. I was thinking about bouncing air-inflated kick balls. And the trailer for the drama: come on, WOLVES? I thought ABS-CBN went off to the looney bin again, them with their “special” effects (GMA isn’t too off from that mark either). Boy, was I wrong. I can wholeheartedly say that Lobo is great and is getting even better as the daily episodes keep coming. We have a plot filled with mystery and intrigue, kilig moments at no end, and fun and well-rounded actors and actresses. I’m truly excited when Lyka will become a lobo, especially when she finds out that she’s the strongest Waya (remember her million Can of X? lol).

Though, I do have to applaud both ABS-CBN and GMA — they have been kicking it up a notch ever since I subscribed to TFC and GMAPinoyTV back in October 2006. Right now, GMA is surviving by a thread because of Marimar, and that’s only because they have viewers that are loyal to the network and show. However, on YouTube, the loyalists are starting to wonder about the writers and director’s sanity when it comes to the show. I truly hope the writers can save Marimar — it was such a great story to begin with, but with all the twists and turns and loopedy-loops, hell, I feel like I’m on a roller coaster that never ends. So Marimar employees, if you ever read this, I know it’s an amazing task to build up a plot on top of Mexico’s original story and I applaud you for making it a Philippine hit. Not to forget, the hard work you guys have endured to bring us viewers excitement and thrill. But, I am sad to say, the story has just gone overboard and it’s been that way for a long while now.

Lobo writers, I hope that with the two-three years it took you guys to develop your plot, I am seriously hoping that the show doesn’t take a quantum leap into the unknown.

With that said, happy drama viewing everyone!


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5 responses to “Triple Threat Tuesday – Lobo, Marimar, & They Kiss Again”

  1. ross says :

    a well informed insight . . . love reading your views . . . hope to see more


  2. Bea says :

    Thanks for giving a fair review. I share the same hopes for Lobo, that the writer/s will be able to sustain the same quality of storytelling and dialogues throughout the whole series. The actors and actresses are guaranteed 100% excellent in their craft. Whether Lobo will truly be “The TV series of The Decade” really depends on the writer/s.

    More power!

  3. Nyla says :


    yep im really tryna focus on searching how many episodes or even parts of this great series-LOBO!!!
    here in Samoa,…wer realy enjoying watchig these Filipino series!!!esp series!!!hahah

    well buh i cant wait to see wat will happen wen N

  4. felice says :

    hi. i love your take on Marimar. we are now watching it in Ghana. The story started so well. ofcourse it was the typical telenovela love story but the story had fluidity. HOWEVER i seriously don’t understand where the writers are going with it now! i have gotten to the part where sergio is going to marry angelika because of evidence against marimar??!!! who does that? how stupid can one be? i totally agree that the fighting and getting back together cycle is so annoying!! like you said, won’t angelika die already??? i mean if they wanted to make the story longer they should have not made it a typical boy meets girl, trouble stirrs up, they get married story! if we know they’ll get married in the end, why do you add such unrealistic bits to the show??! making the characters except renato and cruzita stupid??!! i’ve had it. i don’t watch it anymore and from reading your blog, i will save myself. afterall, they will get married in the end.

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