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Shaina Magdayao, Lobo Thursday, Lobo: The Movie

Shaina Magdayao

I mostly see her on ASAP dancing and have only seen her act once. It was a MMK episode where she played a young girl with a disorder who got sexually abused by her sister’s (Vina Morales)  husband’s friend. Shaina played her MMK character so well and she barely spoke any lines!

However, in Lobo‘s case, Shaina playing as Gabby is not doing wonders for this kid.

And that is the answer — she’s too young. Her face screams, “I’m a teen. Not a girl, not yet a woman!” Whenever Gabby is being filmed, I find myself losing interest on the scene at hand. Eventually, I’ve been finding myself shrieking in delight less ever since Lyka changed hairs, which I will get to later.

Returning to Gabby/Shaina, first of all, one wouldn’t even know what kind of character Shaina is playing. Is Gabby a tough soldier who reports to the boss and kicks anyone’s ass, or is she the hopeless in love teenybopper after Noah? She’s becoming so melodramatic over everything, it’s really getting annoying. Even if she was the former, I still wouldn’t believe it, especially with Shaina’s young fresh face. Oh, and don’t get me started about all those times the scene is calling for seriousness and Shaina huffs and puffs and talks with a deep voice. GAHHHHHH. So annoying.

Seriously though, Gabby is not a good role for this girl.


Moving on, I’m somewhat disappointed when Lyka changed hairs. Ever since then, things just got too serious. I miss the good times back at the House of Elle. I don’t know if whether things will be the same again because:

  1. Lyka and Noah have already found out the truth about each others’ past and
  2. Both have professed their love for each other already.

So there’s basically no surprise left in their relationship, other than trying to stay alive. Sigh.

Shows like this should just be made into a movie. That way, we don’t have to sit day after day in front of the tube (by whatever means you watch it from! hehe), watching Noah and Lyka run from and into Gabby and her squadron. Rather, the movie would show JJ and Ulay as children for the first twenty or so minutes, the next ten would feature them trying to cope with the loss of their parents and becoming separated. The next forty-fifty minutes would show how they meet again, but as Noah and Lyka. After that, Lyka changes into a lobo and the next thirty minutes would be where the TV show is currently at. (At this point, the 30 minutes is likely to be 30 episodes. hah). Then there’s the climax and then the conclusion. What a nice 2 hour movie that would’ve been.

However, luckily for us, we get to watch Papa Piolo strut his stuff every day. I guess, there is a silver lining.

 On today’s episode,

in a nutshell, Gabby tells Lyka to leave Noah the heck alone and Lyka slams her ass (I’m highly exaggerating). Nessa awakes from her animal potion slumber and holds Lyka as Lyka experiences pain from her loboness, which I found heart wrenching. Come on, watching your daughter suffer like that — that’s why she finally woke up! Applause to Agot Isidro for a great scene tonight. After that, it’s your usual Noah and Lyka planning how to get the hell out of this mess. One can really tell how I lose interest in things when I write in a sarcastic tone. 🙂

I say, bring back Lyka to Manila so she can start her waya training already!


Marimar Ends, Lobo Still Strong, Me Still Enjoying Trip

So I’m here in wonderful Philippines and have been watching both Lobo and Marimar (the latter, not so much) since I came a week and a half ago. Marimar ended this Friday and I was too tired to even watch the ending. hehe

I have oh so much to say, but so little internet cafe time. 🙂 Jericho Rosales is singing in the background as I type. BTW, I’m at SM Mall of Asia. BE SURE TO GO TO THE SEASIDE! Beautiful atmosphere and sunset, I tell you!

I hope to type up my thoughts about the Philippines and the teleseryes when I get back. I have too much to say about Marimar, and I still have to get up to date with the show. As for Lobo, the teleserye keeps getting better. BTW, I MISS MY TFC! Here, in the Philippines, the commercials are longer and the actual show only runs for four minutes until another commercial break comes back. UGH.

So until then, happy drama viewing everyone!

P.S. – I haven’t even been watching my TKA! BTW, Taiwan’s Hana Kimi will soon air on ABS-CBN and will be dubbed in Tagalog. Laters!

The Heat is Rising For Lobo

So I watched today’s episode just seconds ago and I could not wait to type up my thoughts. Lobo has taken a level up for this episode as we are brought, finally, to Lyka’s new beginning as a lobo. I won’t go into much detail as I usually due because watching the episodes would do more justice than my writing. A quick summary from last week’s Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today’s episode:

Noah gets a hold of Lyka’s wish list and grants almost everything in it for her — that includes breaking into her home and filling her room with bouquets of flowers like a maniac, getting her her favorite food and desserts, and the icing: giving her a whole moonstone. Lyka finds out that Noah is her “secret admirer” from one of the people Noah asked to make a copy of Lyka’s wish list. Lyka runs to find Noah and they’re at a standstill when they finally see each other. Lyka tells him that she knows and as Noah’s about to tell her he’s JJ, freaking Gabby goes and kisses him. UGH. Lyka then goes off and cries and Noah does too.

Meanwhile, everyone’s getting ready for Lyka’s birthday and the night of the full moon. The black waya is also getting prepared to find the last guardian of their clan and we are finally introduced to what the hell is going on in their turf. Apparently, the black lobo clan also wants to be free from their hiding, but by killing people and I guess, drinking their blood? lol The Luna are getting ready as well and have devised a plan to kill all the lobos that will be changing skins on the night of the full moon.

The black lobo waya follows Lyka and from assessing her, realizes that she’s a strong lobo and that she should be the last guardian. Nessa, Lyka’s Mom, successfully got out of the Luna organization and went back to San Isidro to find Lyka. The priest, at first lying (gasp), finally tells her that Lyka is alive and well in Manila.

In today’s episode, Noah, with the help of his friend (the one he tried to save from getting beat up), finds out that there really is something fishy going on with his mission. He tells Lyka to stay at home and not to be with Lady Elle or Trixie on the night of her birthday. She tells him that he doesn’t have the right to tell her what to do and at least, by being be with Lady Elle and Trixie, she knows that she can trust them. (Can anyone say Smallville?)

So onto my thoughts and why the hell I titled this entry this way. In one sentence: Lobo is getting good. Here we are, diving deeper into the plot — the action starting to take its leap. Mind you, I hope it’s not into the unknown! lol Today’s episode ends with Lyka starting to transform into a lobo as soon as she awakes from her sleep. This is it everyone — tomorrow and the next few days are what we have been anxious over for the last month. Sure, the whole Noah and Lyka thing was cute, nakakakilig, and down right steamy at times, but this is where Lobo will surely take on its next course — and where Lyka (and Angel as an actress) will surely be tested.

While writing this, I’m kind of afraid on how the writers will direct the flow of the plot. It’s exciting to witness the beginnings of Lyka’s transformation, but I’m also hoping that Lobo doesn’t get all “fantasy” on us. Since the show started, Lobo took on a mature, but fun and classy approach. It doesn’t put in too many special effects or outrageous costumes that would signal that it’s a children’s show. No, this show is definitely not for kids. Kamandag is a show for kids.

Moving on, I’ve been meaning to talk about Shaina Magdayao. I respect her as an actress and as a dancer, but girl can’t act as Gabby. She’s just too young — her facial expressions signal that she’s a teenager and apparently not a soldier. There are times when she tries to be all soldier-ish, but she just can’t sell it. Maybe if they portrayed her as a tomboy, I’d believe it.

I also didn’t buy the whole black lobo thing, acting wise. When the black waya went back to their hideout, all the other black lobo were doing the whole moving around like they can’t stop it thing (I know, strike two for Kamandag). Yeah, I know they’re “wild” lobo, but come on — is it really necessary for them to act like that? Maybe if they just stood normally I wouldn’t be so annoyed. Don’t even get me started with their howling. -_-

Also, is anyone else but me getting annoyed with Minerva? Again, with the acting, I just don’t buy it. The actress playing Minerva is emphasizing what she says way too damn much. I feel like she’s signaling another actor as to when she’ll stop talking and when that person can give their reply. At other times, I feel like she just memorized her whole lines and is just going at it. Minerva, I don’t buy it!

On the other hand, I do have to give some props to Dionne Monsanto. As much as I was annoyed by her being so flamboyant in Pinoy Big Brother 2, her as an actress in Lobo is believable for me (most of the time). She’s not the Dionne I know on the show, rather she’s truly taken on her character. I know, I can’t believe it either. Anyways, keep it up.

Enough of the whining from me, at least in this entry. If you haven’t seen the episodes yet, good God, what the hell are you doing reading this for? GO GO and watch them already. I’d post the links to the videos here, but we don’t want ABS-CBN on our backs like GMA on Marimar uploaders, do we? Yeah, I thought so.

Now I’m off to watch They Kiss Again and Marimar. At least I can give you guys TKA. You can watch them here, which is subbed by the wonderful Gloria Wen. TKA viewers, show your love!