Water Cooler Talk #1 | Dyesebel

Hi everyone! I decided to create a series of Water Cooler posts so that I wouldn’t have to write whole posts about each little thought I have.


Here in America, our shows on GMA is behind a week to the Philippines’ broadcast, so Dyesebel hasn’t been aired yet. Curious, I searched for uploaded videos of the new show starring Ding-Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera and luckily, I found them. 🙂 First and foremost, I have nothing against these two all. I think Marian is great and Ding-Dong — I’ve loved him since the Antoinette Taus days! However, because I was so disappointed with Marimar, I don’t know if I’d like watching Dyesebel. I have an awful feeling that the show will just be like the former. The writers will just put Dyesebel through so many hardships and then I’ll be getting a headache… yeah, I don’t want to go through that again. So I’m considering on putting Dyesebel on a trial week and see how it goes.

However for the first episode, I couldn’t even sit watching it. One forum member stated that the graphics and effects matched that of the movies (I’m guessing effects from American or other foreign movies?). The first thought that came to my head was, “Excuse me? Did we watch the same episode here?” Seriously, I thought I was watching Finding Nemo! No offense to the graphics designers and animators, but this wasn’t supposed to be a cartoon. I’m sorry Dyesebel fans, I just don’t see the hype in it all, but I’ll give it a try nonetheless.

edit: I thought I was the only one thinking the same way… guess not.


While writing my page on Lobo, I just realized how far this story has gone. I can’t believe that it’s been so long since Lyka and Noah (hah I wrote Piolo and erased it) led normal lives.

Also, there’s a few people starting to sub Lobo which I think is fantastic. Maybe I should join the band wagon? lol Actually, I’ve subbed before — I subbed a few Marimar parts of their Christmas episode, but it was soooooo time consuming! Seriously, it’s a long process and I don’t know how subbing teams for Taiwan, Japanese, and Korean dramas do it!

As for Lobo, nothing much to say really. Lyka finally gets a hold of the rock that will save them all and faints due to the sheer pain of the rock’s flames. And Lady Elle also goes into the cave to see if Lyka is all right. I’m mostly excited for tomorrow’s episode. 🙂

I need your help!

Does anyone know where I can get pictures of Lobo or Dyesebel that I can use for layouts or screencaps, or such?


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17 responses to “Water Cooler Talk #1 | Dyesebel”

  1. rom says :

    hello paula. Seriously, I thought I was the only one griping about Dyesebel too. Now, there’s two of us. Yay!

    I think the concept behind your blog is cool. Wish I’d thought of it myself.

    Btw, what do you mean when you say people are starting to sub Lobo. What does sub mean? Do you mean sub-titling?

  2. cafemelrose says :

    @ rom – I say two is better than one! Oh and thanks for the compliment! 🙂 hehe

    And yes to your last question. If only there were more people adding subtitles to Filipino dramas so we can at least introduce our kind of shows on the internet.

  3. rom says :

    hey that’s a cool thing to do!!! can you point me to where i can see subtitled stuff on the intartubes? Maybe those Marimar bits you mentioned 😀

  4. raissa says :

    Hello! I have been reading your blog after stumbling upon it while looking for anything about LOBO online. I have enjoyed your posts so much that its part of my daily routine to check it. As for pictures about LOBO, you may want to check out Pinoyexchange or http://lobotheseries.blogspot.com/ or http://noahlyka.multiply.com/photos or http://sixthfiddler.multiply.com/photos

    OT: I am watching FTLY as well and I am enjoying it.

  5. cafemelrose says :

    @ rom – Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Marimar subs and my subs are gone because the videos I was working on at Overstream.net were deleted at YouTube. Sorry I’m explaining it in a mumbo jumbo way, but you’ll understand if you went to overstream.net (they bring the video from YT and you can add subtitles OVER the video) That’s what they been doing with TKA! 😀 But I’ll keep you posted if I happen to find any! 🙂

    @ raissa – Holy crap, thank you SO much for providing me with those links! I’ve been lurking at PEx and at asianfanatics.net this whole time. -_- I’ll be sure to give you credit and the links as well. And cool — my site is a part of someone’s daily routine. 🙂 Awesome.

    P.S. – I can’t wait for FTLY’s next episode! Too bad I can’t watch the raw versions since I don’t know Mandarin. 😦

  6. raissa says :

    me too I dont know Mandarin so I wait for the subs at mysoju. I think I have done an Asian tour with the dramas I have watched – Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand of course Philippines but not a whole lot lately other than Lobo. The last Filipino series I was addicted to was “Sa Piling Mo”. LOL of course because its Papa P.

    My family back home are amused that I know more about whats going about local tv than they do hahaha

    You are very welcome. I really enjoy your posts.

  7. raissa says :

    I dont know if my comment got eaten or what but if you want transcripts of Lobo, you can find the current ones here


    I wish someone will compile all the transcripts in one site

  8. cafemelrose says :

    @ raissa – I wasn’t able to watch “Sa Piling Mo” because we subscribed to TFC around October 2006. 😦 I heard it was good too. Darn.

    And about the compiling of the transcripts — I didn’t know people did this! That’s amazing. Have they been doing this for all the episodes of Lobo? If so, it will take a team to compile them into a website.

    PinoyTVjunkie does this too, but instead of transcripts, it’s actual detailed summaries:

    I may have to compile a list of Lobo web sites or something… there’s many popping up!

  9. raissa says :

    Someone gave me the bootleg of SPM hahaha I was really good, got me so hooked and proved to me once more how good of an actor Piolo is. He had one scene there that is ingrained in my mind.

    re: transcripts – I dont know if they started doing it from the very first episode. I think so. I will backread all the threads there so far theres only 8 threads so thats somewhat easy to do

    heres more to add to to your list

    music videos – http://lobo-gelo.blogspot.com/
    reviews – http://uhmbrr.livejournal.com/ (she also reviews kdramas)
    summaries – http://abscbn-lobo.blogspot.com/ and http://lobotheseries.blogspot.com/

    Piolo fans – http://piolopascualadiks.multiply.com/


  10. raissa says :

    looks like my comment got eaten again..I have some Lobo websites bookmarked if you want.

  11. cafemelrose says :

    @ raissa – Man.. there’s sooo many Lobo fan sites pala. I’ll either make a page or add them under the links in the sidebar. Thanks for everything — the pictures, the links, everything. Salamat talaga! 😀

    As for Piolo – the man is multi-talented. No other actor comes to mind that has the ability to convey emotions from a script better than Piolo. Whatever the script tells him to do, by golly, he does it. The emotion is in his eyes, his body language… everywhere.

    As for the comments — sorry about that. My Akismet spam blaster identified spam that had 2 or more links. I’ve changed it and now you can add 10 links as the majority. Yay! 🙂

  12. raissa says :

    ang dami talaga! you are very welcome! I like the LOBO thread sa PEx kasi its really focused on the story and the series. Of course at first it was yay Piolo and Angel but after some time they are Noah and Lyka.

    apir about Piolo! =) Definitely he is if not one of the best, the best young actor of his time. He is such a nice person and nice soul pa. He wrote a very nice message for a friend’s aunt when she couldnt come to his concert. I asked him a favor to just autograph the picture but he did more than that. Now that picture is framed and has a prominent place in her room.

    hehe sorry about that I thought that the comments section was just being moody on me.

  13. raissa says :

    Here’s another source for photos.


  14. kim says :

    Dyesebel is nice. sometimes (a little bit) crazy but sometimes not. would you want to research their pictures?:o)or just the lyrics?:)c’mon!

  15. adrian acosta says :

    hi poh,,,,
    sweet ah!!!!!!!

  16. neoleen says :

    this is the most amazing movie i ever saw,,,,, and it’t makes me dreaming and dreaming,,,,,,,,,,,,,lolz,,,,lolz,,lolz,,,

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