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Episode 16: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Parts: 1 – cindilette, 2 & 3 – eyescandy, 4 & 5 – xiaomaii, 6 – Sayrin, 7 – koalagurl1993, 8 – ayari, & 9 – otchosais

People, is it me, or is slow today? Hmm… Maybe it’s because of all the Faters watching. heh heh

A Few Thoughts: I don’t know about you guys, but Part 8 just had me in tears! I keep reverting back to when Xin Yi was still pregnant with Ji Nian Pi, remembering the sadness and loss she went through… Then there’s Cun Xi, who misses her so much and regrets not treasuring her as he should have had. Part 8 was a really bittersweet moment, especially when Cun Xi promised Xin Yi that if they were to meet again one day, they’ll just be strangers. HUN! If only you waited for her to speak, she would’ve told you that she wanted you guys to say Hi to each other! *tear*

Then Xin Yi forgets to give back Cun Xi’s coat, so she runs back after him. I was just balling by this time because they just said their goodbyes.

Anyways, I can’t wait for Sunday/Monday. It’s sooo bittersweet. 😥


Lobo Bids Farewell on ASAP :(

I can’t believe the show that I actually stood by with is coming to an end soon. It started on January 28, Winter season here in Los Angeles, and ends in the Summer. Congratulations to the cast, crew, and writers of Lobo — this show really created a community as well as push Angel Locsin to really shine as an actress and to further show that Piolo Pascual is one hell of an actor.

ALSO, to the Wolfies that went on ASAP, awesome representation guys! I love our banner! 🙂

FTLY Preview: I’m Excited

I have yet to see today’s episode (or at least with English subtitles), but I’m already excited for next week!

Uploaded by Gar6301

FTLY Preview: I’m Excited

I have yet to see today’s episode (or at least with English subtitles), but I’m already excited for next week!

Uploaded by Gar6301


I’m a member of the PinoyExchange and I was visiting the FTLY thread there and saw this:


Lobofied Monday: RIP Manolo, Lobo is a Freaking Movie


Lobo has once again taken a weird turn and have started killing off more people. This time, the lucky winner is Manolo. It was evident he was going to get killed off when he proposed to Lady Elle and told Noah to really try to fully accept Lyka and all her lobo qualities as well as the clan itself. The show was making him SAY HIS GOODBYES! However, my love for the show made me think that it was utterly ridiculous if the writers did opt to kill him. I guess I was wrong.

Although, for some reason, I feel that there’s still a spark of hope that the writers will try to bring him back, or at least portray that his death was just an act because him being shot by the gunman happened all too fast. His death happened all too fast and there wasn’t even any heart-felt, crying-your-eyes-out scene at the hospital where everyone would just be looking at his heart beat pulsing down to an eerie nonstop beep. Writers, is there something up your sleeves, or was it just because there wasn’t time to fit in this scene into the already hectic and busy schedule?

Either way, I think it was unnecessary to kill off another good character, and a pretty important one at that. Hell, I still miss Choi and now Manolo? Hopefully, Manolo’s death will have contributed to something vital in the next episodes to come. But if the show keeps killing off more people, then Lobo won’t be any better than Ysabella, Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita, CRAZY FOR YOU (gosh, I hated how they killed Toni Gonzaga’s character in the end), and the list goes on. I call it unnecessary killing.


Trixie is the next E! host aka the next Nana Sela. A part of me thinks that this storyline was just added and was never included in Mark Bunda’s original story, but I’m somewhat okay with it — it adds more to the story. But, if only her abilities were introduced in the beginning episodes of Lobo, that way, I wouldn’t be feeling like the new plot for Trixie was a kind of emergency addition. I’m hoping that the show will try to surprise us by going into past episodes and at least try to make connections to her newfound abilities — to show that the writers have been thinking about this for a long time.


Girl, to put it simply and in very very casual American English, you are gettin’ on my last nerves!! I gave you such a beautiful report on your personality progress, but I just hated how you were blaming the sniper’s death on the lobo clan. First of all, why? Past episodes have heavily touched on the idea that you have been sucking face with Alec, but you still don’t trust him, nor his kind? Parang, it was unlikely for her character to just blame it all on the lobo. I would’ve believed it if she blamed it on a specific person, but all of the lobo clan? After she’s been with Alec? Seems not very her. Now she’s going into Anton’s lair — writers, stop killing people off. I beg you…!

Lyka and her Lobo Form

At first, I found it soooo hilarious how everyone would just be talking to a dog. Then in tonight’s episode, it shows Lyka in a translucent-ghost-like form that only Anton can see — I liked that a lot. What I didn’t like was how Lyka was able to touch and hold the jail-cell bars, but she couldn’t even touch anyone else! WTH? Seriously, things like these shouldn’t be forgotten — it’s very careless.


Okay episode tonight. I liked how Tikboy finally told Trixie that they were related as well as related to Nana Sela. I just didn’t like how she told him to keep her newfound abilities a secret. [insert annoyed facial expression] The whole time I was shouting, “TELL THEM ALREADY.” And doesn’t anyone else (in the show) see when Trixie’s eyes turn white?! It’s like only the viewers see it…

Considering it’s Monday, it’s normal for Filipino shows to start slow at the first day (My Girl is a good exception). So I’ll just wait for tomorrow’s.

Lobo is a Freaking Movie

This is what I’ve noticed with this show — it runs like a movie. There’s never a chance to breathe, which can be both good and bad.

It’s a good thing when the show runs like you just can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s or next week’s episode (if you’re watching on a Friday). Believe me, Lobo is like that most of the time. 🙂

Bad because everything is just on-going and twists and turns are being added left and right — like we’re really watching a movie and we’ve been waiting for the ending. You know, that type. However, in this case, we’ve been waiting for the ending for months. It depends on how you’d take that sentence. To me, I’m excited to know what’s going to happen in the end already: will Lyka and Noah really survive and grow old together and have tons of babies that will populate the Philippines? lol

All in all, two weeks left everyone!! [insert fan girl scream] I’m really hoping the writers stick to their greatness and stop all this killing. If I had my way, I’d want it to end already (say, this week) so there won’t be anymore killings.


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Episode 15: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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