Wu Chun & Calvin on The Buzz, ASAP ’08, E-Live, & PDA!

The Buzz

The best guesting of Wu Chun and Calvin Chen was when they were on The Buzz with Ruffa Gutierrez, Boy Abunda, and Kristy Fermin.

Entertainment Live

I was fortunate to get to see the two on Entertainment Live (ELive) before I left to go to the Lotus Festival (boring), and it’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard them speak in English! I know that both of them have studied abroad (Wu Chun in Australia, Calvin in Canada), but this is the only time I’ve ever seen them in an interview where the people interviewing them can’t speak their language, so English is a must.

Since there’s so many videos of the interview, click here to watch them.

ASAP ’08

Then, when I got home at night, I stayed up until around 1 AM this morning to catch them on the 1st showing of ASAP, but all those performances by Claudine Barretto put me to sleep. I get that it’s her birthday, but to take over the show for what seemed like 20 minutes really peeved me off, considering I was waiting for Wu Chun and Calvin’s appearance on the show. Anyways, here’s the video, uploaded by a YouTuber, from their appearance on ASAP.

Pinoy Dream Academy

Also, the two made an appearance at Pinoy Dream Academy where they once again sang, “Xin Wo,” the theme song of Romantic Princess. I was surprised when Toni Gonzaga, the host in the pretty formal gown, stated that Fahrenheit’s fans traveled all the way from Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. That’s crazy! Not that they traveled, but that they’re on Filipino TV. lol


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