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Mark Your Calendars For July 12: Wu Chun & Calvin Chen Off to the Philippines!


I Am Disgusted

Credit: PEP – Click For News Article

This totally beats Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis first of all in When Love Begins. Second, Willie, she’s ONLY 19. Which basically means that you look like her father (considering you’re 47, and you have a daughter that already has a child, making you a lolo [grandfather]), yet you’ll probably impregnate her and leave her eating dust.

As soon as I saw this article, I immediately remembered her from Wowowee, where Willie picked her out from the crowd to co-host with him. Though she reluctantly went up with him, she managed to get in a few sentences and a few questions to the contestants. Then her job was over and I thought that was it. NOT! Supposedly, from what the article quotes, Willie has been to her house twice, met her provincial grandparents, and obviously, was his date to the Star Magic Ball. [insert gagging]

Do you know why I find this news horrid? First of all, I’m 19 years old as well and never have I thought Willie as someone in that light. Second, the girl is in college, for goodness sakes, where she should first be dating kids her age. Third, Willie, how many wives, girlfriends, children have you had? Yeah, you have a whole empire now, right?

Enough said.


To all the watchers of Lobo, this is a GIGANTIC spoiler for the show. You have been warned.


Salamat kay koreanoveladik for sharing them in the Lobo thread at PEx. Na gulat ako doon ah! lol

Lobo: Friday (7/4/08) Episode

I’ve been pretty much MIA for the past week of Lobo‘s last two weeks. However, thanks to the Internet, I’ve been able to catch up. 🙂

Noah & Lyka Scene

Finally, Noah is back with Lyka and when he turned into a lobo and picked her out amidst the other Braska (the name of the dog in the show – so cute!) and kisses her, first in dog form, then transforms into human form, that was so beautiful. The look on their faces, the way they kissed — all of it depicts the hardships, the battles won and lost, the time apart, thinking the other has no chance to live: all of this witnessed by the viewers and with that, the kiss was more like a relief, a satisfaction, a need, a victory for both Noah & Lyka and the viewers at home. Overall, this scene was beautifully filmed, edited, animated, and performed. Good work. Brilliantly executed!

Now in the case of Piolo Pascual, I did not like his way of kissing in Don’t Give Up On Us (too much saliva), alongside Judy Ann Santos, but in Lobo, man, has he improved! 🙂 And as for Angel, you can really see her character’s emotions. It’s obvious when I say that these two actors have greatly improved in their craft.

Noah & the Fifty Lobo

I knew it could be done!!! The animators/directors should have incorporated this during the Night of the Red Moon. I’m still hoping for a full on war against the Luna, so writers, is there any way to sneak it in and have the directors and filming crew work their magic?

Sir Elton

I love Sir Elton. I really do. I used to hate him in the beginning when he was making Lyka’s life a living hell, but he sure is a comic relief sometimes. In Friday’s episode, I loved how he snatched the cell phone out of the lady’s hands and stomped on it so the video of Lyka transforming into lobo form during her wedding will not be seen by the police (although it’s already made headlines, which I’ll talk about later).

His character isn’t the type that would all out try to make people laugh amidst a war, rather his actions are appropriate for his character. The background music also helped this scene because it didn’t have the usual “this is a funny scene, so laugh” sound. The actor playing Sir Elton wasn’t forcing us to laugh, rather, it’s his character’s persona to do what he did.

Lobo in the News

FREAKING FINALLY. I made a post in the Lobo/Wolfies thread about how current happenings in the story hasn’t even been on the news. The show is fiction, but in order to really get into the story, it has to have some sense of reality — for example, everyone must have seen what happened during the Night of the Red Moon, yet it feels like only the people battling that night saw it, since the show never incorporated a news report/headline. Seriously, in real life, I think that if the Moon were to ever turn red with fireballs hitting the Philippines, it would probably make it to the Top Stories section.

Moving on, so finally, the writers incorporated a newspaper scene where it shows that the people of the Philippines are aware that there are lobo amongst them, most importantly, Lady Elle, one of the most important icons in the fashion industry. Now, hopefully, they’ll incorporate a news report soon. I don’t care if it’s Edu, Donita, or Bernadette — as long as there’s a sense that the people, in the world of the lobo, is AWARE.

Way of Filming

Another wish of mine was fulfilled! In the post where I wrote about the lack of world awareness in Lobo, I also talked about how the way some scenes were being filmed was seriously lacking. I asked for different angles, most especially, a worm’s-eye-view, and I got it! The scene where Anton was being pushed away from the Cave of Remus by strong, fierce winds was far better than when they shot it with Noah. Gone is the weird angle close-ups, so say hello to the ground-view-looking-into-the-cave shot. 😀


Good Friday episode. 🙂 The scene where Noah and Lyka meet and kiss (which was a beautiful surprise) really made this episode shine. Now I can’t wait for today’s episode!

Until then, happy drama watching! 😀

FTLY: Episode 17, ALL PARTS Subbed!

Episode 17: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

NOTE: Look people, I don’t upload episodes, I share the links with you guys because sometimes, others (like me at one point in time) are not able to find FTLY subbed episodes. The people that did sub these FTLY episodes, are the awesome people at, who now have a web site: 😀

Edit Thanks for the people who are sharing links in the chatbox! 🙂