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My New Favorite Show: LaLola!

Not ONE show since the “awesome in the beginning, but all out horrible in the end” Marimar struck me as charming… until now, all thanks to GMA’s new remake of Lalola, starring Rhian Ramos and JC de Vera.

Having looked at the Argentinian trailer on YouTube and after having watched the first two weeks of the Philippine version, this show is a keeper for me.

I think what makes me tune in every 3.30PM PST is Keempee De Leon’s “Gary” and Rhian Ramos’s portrayal of a man stuck in a woman’s body — they are just hilarious together. The third that keeps me tuned is, of course, JC de Vera, and his crush on Lola (or Lalo heh) — it’s very refreshing that, though it is unfortunate he’s not teamed up with Ysamien Kurdi, at least we’re given a chance to see him with someone different. *Change can be good.

Probably the only thing that annoys me is the whole “witch clan” thing the story has going on in the woods with all that dodged up dust flying everywhere into people’s mouths, noses, and skin. It makes the show seem like a telefantaserye which has become a real drag considering both ABS-CBN and GMA have at least one show that is in the fantasy genre. Just stop it already! It would have been fine if Ada took revenge on Lalo the normal way: hire a 21st century witch and skip all the graphics effects.

However, I can overlook that since the pros definitely outweigh the cons. All in all, I hope this show won’t disappoint!


Water Cooler Talk #6: BBC Show “Harry and Paul” Depicts Filipina Domestic Workers in Negative Light?

(I was about to post a picture of Harry and Paul, but these guys don’t even deserve to be shown here)

I just read today that on September 26, the BBC show, Harry and Paul, exemplified the image of Filipino women in a very, very negative light. Read here for more information and sign the petition if you disagree with how the show portrayed Filipina maids working in the UK.

Here are some comments I’ve read while watching the clip on YT:

I am British and apologise to pinays and abused workers everywhere for this unpleasant piece of so-called comedy.

The butts of this offensive, feeble, unfunny sketch are supposed to be the stereotyped English males. However, Enfield (Harry) and Whitehouse (Paul) are no better than the idiots they play in this tasteless, witless piece.

I hope pinoys found The Benny Hill Show equally crude and offensive to women when it was broadcast by Pinas TV.

British version of “Desperate Housewives”

wla tayo magawa kahit saan tingin sa atin mababa…kawawa ang mga kababayan natin..hindi lang yan yung iba biktima pa napunta sa africa ginawa prosti..grabe kasalanan kc government corruption

nasasaktan ang gobyerno at mga lawmakers dahil REFLECTION yan ng kainutilan nila. wala silang ginagawa para Maimprove ang kalagayan ng mga PILIPINAS tapos magagalit pag nilalait. WAKE UP IDIOT lawmakers of the PHILIPPINES

All quotes are left anonymous to protect the users (however you’ll probably read them if you go to YT).

In addition, here are a few articles pertaining to the situation:

Manila Standard Today: BBC skit on maids provokes lawmaker

Gulfnews: Not funny, Philippines says of BBC comedy show

This is an open topic, so by all means, comment away.

Move Over Lyka & Noah, ‘Cus Rocky & Garie Are Here!

(my new favorite teleserye loveteam)

Considering that I’ve never formally closed this blog, I’d like to share my thoughts on tonight’s episode of Kahit Isang Saglit.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been waiting for that one special episode that lets me know that this one’s a keeper. Finally, tonight’s episode delivers a stunning climax, all thanks to Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo.

One word to describe what I was feeling when Rosales’ character, Rocky, admitted his feelings to Garie was, “Wow.” The emotions on his face was just… incredible as if those feelings were real and this is an actual lovers quarrel we are all witnessing.

On the other side, I can’t leave out Carmen Soo. At first I had my doubts if this girl could act since her lines are usually light and fun and don’t really let her go all out, but in this scene, man, does she deliver. I love how her voice trembles as she verbally shows her frustration to Rocky and how she pushed him on the door — these little tidbits made the scene real and contributed to the pace that lead to Rosales’ now infamous line: “Hindi lang naman kita gusto eh, mahal kita!” is and forever will be a memorable line in our generation. It’s right up there with Milby’s, “I. Never. Said… that I love you.” 🙂

The scene brought me to a few tears, many squeals of kilig, and thoughts of “Oh my God….” Seriously, how’d you feel if someone said that to you?!

All in all, excellent episode — by far the best one from the series.

Now it’s your turn, what did you guys think? 🙂