My New Favorite Show: LaLola!

Not ONE show since the “awesome in the beginning, but all out horrible in the end” Marimar struck me as charming… until now, all thanks to GMA’s new remake of Lalola, starring Rhian Ramos and JC de Vera.

Having looked at the Argentinian trailer on YouTube and after having watched the first two weeks of the Philippine version, this show is a keeper for me.

I think what makes me tune in every 3.30PM PST is Keempee De Leon’s “Gary” and Rhian Ramos’s portrayal of a man stuck in a woman’s body — they are just hilarious together. The third that keeps me tuned is, of course, JC de Vera, and his crush on Lola (or Lalo heh) — it’s very refreshing that, though it is unfortunate he’s not teamed up with Ysamien Kurdi, at least we’re given a chance to see him with someone different. *Change can be good.

Probably the only thing that annoys me is the whole “witch clan” thing the story has going on in the woods with all that dodged up dust flying everywhere into people’s mouths, noses, and skin. It makes the show seem like a telefantaserye which has become a real drag considering both ABS-CBN and GMA have at least one show that is in the fantasy genre. Just stop it already! It would have been fine if Ada took revenge on Lalo the normal way: hire a 21st century witch and skip all the graphics effects.

However, I can overlook that since the pros definitely outweigh the cons. All in all, I hope this show won’t disappoint!


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14 responses to “My New Favorite Show: LaLola!”

  1. dinu says :

    please can you let me know where i
    can watch eisodes of lalola online
    with english subs would be perfect
    hope to hear with a reply soooooooooon

  2. cafemelrose says :

    @dinu – I wish I can provide you a site that offers english subs for Lalola, but there aren’t any. PinoyChannel even deleted the Lalola vids! So I’m stuck having to watch it everyday on GMAPinoyTV — and it’s still behind schedule to that of the episodes in the Philippines. 😦

  3. jcrhian says :

    You can watch la lola at pinoy channel. ang ganda ni JC and Rhian together noh!

  4. jcrhian says :

    Sobrang kilig ang episodes ng la lola ngayon! The story is focus back to facundo and lola!

  5. judy ann says :

    ay ang cute sobra ni jc de vera crush ko sya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. belacan says :

    any video that have subtitles on it …. because i don’t understand Filipino language

  7. cafemelrose says :

    @belacan – Hello!

    I wish I knew of a site that provided subs for this show. I’ll update if I find any.

  8. belacan says :

    thank for your reply … is there any synopsis for each episode ?

  9. Belacan says :

    when i watched all 43 episode, i realize that lalo … his feeling and his heart have turning more and more women … sadly … i don’t understand what they all talking …

    huhuhuhu …. i like rhian ramos,,, she very cute ….

  10. cafemelrose says :

    @belacan – I could write a synopsis for each episode, but I’m just currently packed this week. It’s Finals Week here in the US, so maybe I’ll get back to writing reviews/summaries on Thursday of this coming week. I’m not promising anything though. lol

    By the way, are you watching this show on GMAPinoyTV or on pinoychannel?

  11. Belacan says :

    I watching this how on pinoychannel …

    awesome bro ,,, thank for helping …

    magandang hapon …..

  12. dinnie says :

    I love LALOLA because my favorite celebrities are the main cast of this show.I love it because it is a story that combination of DRAMA,COMEDY,ACTION and etc..I always watch it every night b4 i go 2 sleep even if it is late to finish and even if there are classes tom i still watch it.Im so kilig if LOLA or RHIAN and FACUNDO or JC will meet or kiss.See it so very kilig as in KILIG TO THE BONES.And the backround song it maximize the sweetness of both of them.I like also GARY or KEEMPEE because he makes the show funny.My tears will drop because of joy or TEARS OF JOY. THATS 4 NOW because im tired already.I will continue writing comment tom.

  13. heatguy says :

    go to they have it there with eng subs

  14. Dargo25 says :

    Thanks, Heatguy. I’ve watched 10 episodes of the Philippines LLL at so far and am eager to see more. This is a great show. I’d pay good money for any complete Lalola version with English.

    This week a Peruvian version of Lalola is suppose to start (Jan. 20). There is a report that Mexico will try to launch one again, after a false start a couple years back. Am I going to keep studying Spanish? You bet!

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