Imortal News: Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin)

This was posted on Angel Locsin’s Official Facebook Fan Page:


Honor was taken away from her when her heroic mother was branded a traitor by the whole of Lobo kind. Now, bearing the mark of her mother’s shame and treated like a slave, Lia is doing everything she can to clear her mother’s name and restore her standing in the powerful world of Taong Lobos. But to do this, she must first unleash the power that is sleeping inside her.

Crazy!! So many questions come to mind so I’ll be on the hunt for answers.


One response to “Imortal News: Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin)”

  1. anonymous says :

    Parating na pasabog sa Primetime Bida. Mata sa Mata, Pangil sa Pangil!, Ang Pag-iibigang IMORTAL , Sila JLC at ANGEL LOCSIN , sa Lunes na October 4, 2010!☺☺☺

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