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Ina Kapatid Anak: Stop the Endless Nail Biting, Please.

From the beginning of Ina Kapatid Anak, the director/writers have pushed the nail biting habit shared by Celyn and Margaux to their viewers. Too much. My annoyance with the nail biting issue began when one of the earlier scenes would cut to close-ups of Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador biting their nails. Yes, it was a way to hint that the two were sisters. Yes, a person bites their nails when they’re stressed out. And these two are always stressed out.

However, almost every episode features them doing this. All the time. To the point where it doesn’t even look natural. It’s like the director was thinking, “Hmm… we need to drive it in more to the viewers that they’re sisters. Like really drive it in. Cuz, like seriously, they’ll never get it”; so they’d put in some nail biting here and there. Oh, is Maja walking during the scene? Bite your nails girl. Last 10 seconds before we cut to a commercial break? Work that nail biting Kim. Oh yes. That’s it. Work it!

The nail biting doesn’t even look like it’s actual nail biting. I think you and I both know that once you’ve seen too many nail biting action going on in this teleserye, you become a damn expert. When portraying Margaux’s bad habit, I noticed that Maja just raises her nails to her mouth for a second as if they have a point system for every time they do that. Current count: 5,007. Whenever there’s a problem, Kim looks away from the person she’s speaking to, does this crying face, then brings her nails to her mouth which only lasts a second. I’ve seen nail biters in real life and they gnaw on those suckers for days. Either Kim and Maja take a workshop on proper nail biting or leave it out. We get it already.