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I Am Disgusted

Credit: PEP – Click For News Article

This totally beats Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis first of all in When Love Begins. Second, Willie, she’s ONLY 19. Which basically means that you look like her father (considering you’re 47, and you have a daughter that already has a child, making you a lolo [grandfather]), yet you’ll probably impregnate her and leave her eating dust.

As soon as I saw this article, I immediately remembered her from Wowowee, where Willie picked her out from the crowd to co-host with him. Though she reluctantly went up with him, she managed to get in a few sentences and a few questions to the contestants. Then her job was over and I thought that was it. NOT! Supposedly, from what the article quotes, Willie has been to her house twice, met her provincial grandparents, and obviously, was his date to the Star Magic Ball. [insert gagging]

Do you know why I find this news horrid? First of all, I’m 19 years old as well and never have I thought Willie as someone in that light. Second, the girl is in college, for goodness sakes, where she should first be dating kids her age. Third, Willie, how many wives, girlfriends, children have you had? Yeah, you have a whole empire now, right?

Enough said.