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‘Dyesebel’ Finally Airs Outside Philippines


GMAPinoyTV has finally, after two weeks, premiered Dyesbel tonight. Now that I’ve watched the whole episode, I can finally write down my thoughts.

Based on what I watched tonight, in my opinion, I don’t understand how the show received such a high rating (in Mega Manila) during its premiere in the Philippines. The story begins with a mermaid who, having mysteriously drowned, develops selective amnesia and marries the very rich man that saved her from the water. Life doesn’t become easier since, of course, the rich man’s mother is totally against him falling in love and marrying a poor girl (oh, how original). Also, the story can’t be complete without the rich woman his mother did want him to marry: the woman that will most likely cause all the problems within the show.

Yay… I just can’t get enough of rich people treating poor people like dirt. THAT PLOT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE. I love it!

Okay, okay. Putting all sarcasm aside now…

Let me first start off by asking: Why the hell is Jean Garcia (as Lucia) the young mermaid Wendell Ramos (as Tino) marries? Ew Ew Ew. Mind you, I love Jean Garcia as an actress and I love to hate the villainous characters she plays, but what I don’t love is seeing her, at her age, kiss a man that could very much well look like her son! That wedding kiss made me cringe with disgust to no end. And you know what, she’s done this before with Polo Ravales (watch at your own discretion)! Ugh. GMA could have had other actresses play the part: Nadine Ramos, Katrina Halili, Iza Calzado… Now that I’ve pondered on it, I think Iza would have been a wonderful choice, but I’m guessing Joaquin Bordado would probably prohibit her from playing the part.

Coming to an earlier thought, I just didn’t buy how Lucia, the mermaid, just drowns in WATER. I’m hoping that as the episodes keep coming, that mystery will (hopefully!) be answered. My best guess is that the mermaids’ Queen knocked her out or something.

Then there’s the time when Lucia, after being pushed around by Tino’s mother, heads to sea to let all her emotions out and a giant CGI octopus attacks her and her boat. Tino quickly rescues her and as they head home, he tells her not to tell anyone or people may think she was crazy. Tino, I don’t think you’ve noticed that the octopus’ arms spanned close to a whole 1-storey building and considering that there would be fishermen nearby (since they are in a fishing-for-profit community), they would have seen AND heard the beast too. Hell, if the fishermen can see a small ass mermaid’s head popping out of the water during Tino and Lucia’s shoreline wedding, they can see a giant octopus.

Another little tidbit that I found unbelievable and really annoying was that when Lucia was giving birth to Dyesebel, the baby came out with a mermaid’s tale and once the very professional and very educated midwife sees this, she plops the baby onto the birthing table and screams her ass off as she exits. Yeah, I don’t think doctors, nurses, or any other hospital employee would scream in fright and disgust at every deformed person they see. If so, hospitals would just be nonexistent. Hell, that’s why there are doctors and nurses — they’re there to treat, help, and cure people with diseases, wounds, deformities, and other health cases.

Ugh. I simply can’t go on anymore… these little tidbits, when written and directed carelessly, can make a series look real dumb. I’m just being honest.

So my question of the night is: If you have watched Dyesebel‘s first episode, did you enjoy it? And if so, why?

Remember, the question has nothing to do with Marian Rivera, GMA or Dyesebel loyalty, and is far from it — it’s about how the writers conducted the first episode in relation to my thoughts in this post. Now, I’d like to read yours!


Water Cooler Talk #1 | Dyesebel

Hi everyone! I decided to create a series of Water Cooler posts so that I wouldn’t have to write whole posts about each little thought I have.


Here in America, our shows on GMA is behind a week to the Philippines’ broadcast, so Dyesebel hasn’t been aired yet. Curious, I searched for uploaded videos of the new show starring Ding-Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera and luckily, I found them. 🙂 First and foremost, I have nothing against these two all. I think Marian is great and Ding-Dong — I’ve loved him since the Antoinette Taus days! However, because I was so disappointed with Marimar, I don’t know if I’d like watching Dyesebel. I have an awful feeling that the show will just be like the former. The writers will just put Dyesebel through so many hardships and then I’ll be getting a headache… yeah, I don’t want to go through that again. So I’m considering on putting Dyesebel on a trial week and see how it goes.

However for the first episode, I couldn’t even sit watching it. One forum member stated that the graphics and effects matched that of the movies (I’m guessing effects from American or other foreign movies?). The first thought that came to my head was, “Excuse me? Did we watch the same episode here?” Seriously, I thought I was watching Finding Nemo! No offense to the graphics designers and animators, but this wasn’t supposed to be a cartoon. I’m sorry Dyesebel fans, I just don’t see the hype in it all, but I’ll give it a try nonetheless.

edit: I thought I was the only one thinking the same way… guess not.


While writing my page on Lobo, I just realized how far this story has gone. I can’t believe that it’s been so long since Lyka and Noah (hah I wrote Piolo and erased it) led normal lives.

Also, there’s a few people starting to sub Lobo which I think is fantastic. Maybe I should join the band wagon? lol Actually, I’ve subbed before — I subbed a few Marimar parts of their Christmas episode, but it was soooooo time consuming! Seriously, it’s a long process and I don’t know how subbing teams for Taiwan, Japanese, and Korean dramas do it!

As for Lobo, nothing much to say really. Lyka finally gets a hold of the rock that will save them all and faints due to the sheer pain of the rock’s flames. And Lady Elle also goes into the cave to see if Lyka is all right. I’m mostly excited for tomorrow’s episode. 🙂

I need your help!

Does anyone know where I can get pictures of Lobo or Dyesebel that I can use for layouts or screencaps, or such?