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Marimar Ends, Lobo Still Strong, Me Still Enjoying Trip

So I’m here in wonderful Philippines and have been watching both Lobo and Marimar (the latter, not so much) since I came a week and a half ago. Marimar ended this Friday and I was too tired to even watch the ending. hehe

I have oh so much to say, but so little internet cafe time. 🙂 Jericho Rosales is singing in the background as I type. BTW, I’m at SM Mall of Asia. BE SURE TO GO TO THE SEASIDE! Beautiful atmosphere and sunset, I tell you!

I hope to type up my thoughts about the Philippines and the teleseryes when I get back. I have too much to say about Marimar, and I still have to get up to date with the show. As for Lobo, the teleserye keeps getting better. BTW, I MISS MY TFC! Here, in the Philippines, the commercials are longer and the actual show only runs for four minutes until another commercial break comes back. UGH.

So until then, happy drama viewing everyone!

P.S. – I haven’t even been watching my TKA! BTW, Taiwan’s Hana Kimi will soon air on ABS-CBN and will be dubbed in Tagalog. Laters!