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Lobo & My Girl Friday: Magdayao Steps Up Her Game, but Nina Jose Doesn’t


Shaina Magdayao as Gabby

People that either quietly lurk or participate in my blog entries would know how many times I have shown my disappointment with Shaina Magdayao in the beginning and middle of Lobo. However, I have got to give the girl some props! In Friday night’s episode, during the scene where she shot Silva, in my opinion, was probably the best performance she has ever given. Ever in Lobo (because her MMK episode still reigns).

That little “absence” from Lobo helped everyone because not only did Gabby’s leave let Noah and Lyka further develop their relationship, it also gave Shaina Magdayao the opportunity to really step up and develop her character (that is, if she did go to workshops during that time).

Let me lay out the scene for you:

As Noah, Alec, and Rodolfo goes off to save Lady Elle, Gabby was left as the sniper shooter, so that if or when there was a time she had a clear shot of Silva, she can end his treachery then and there at the cemetery. So when she did have the opportunity to do so, flashbacks of her childhood suddenly crept up, reminding her of how Silva saved her from the poverty that has affected so many in the Philippines. As a child, she had competition for left-over food from the trash bins and didn’t have anyone to take care of her. So in comes Silva, bearing food, promising safety, a place to sleep, a future! All this so that he could use her in his revenge against the Waya, which I don’t think she’s realized yet.

It takes a while for Gabby to pull the trigger, and believe me, I was shouting at her to do so! But at the same time, I could not help but feel some sort of sadness for her. From her agony of whether to shoot or not to shoot, one could see that Gabby really saw Silva as her father figure — it’s just sad to know that the only love she could find was from this horrible monster. Seriously, Lobo crew, get Shain–Ooops, I mean Gabby–with A(Geoff)lec already.

Overall, I bought the whole scene — her tears, her obvious distress in deciding whether to kill Silva, the whirl of emotions construed on her face, and all of this mixed with the flashbacks = brilliant. Great job, Shaina. Seriously.

My Girl

Nina Jose as Annika and Gerald Anderson as Julian

Though I gave praises for Team Magdayao, I can’t do the same for Team Nina Jose. I understand she may be new to the whole acting biz, but her playing Annika isn’t working. Friday’s episode was supposed to be an opportunity for Nina to shine, yet she unfortunately wasn’t able to really nail the scenes she were in.

In the elevator scene with Julian, her professing her love for him was just not executed well — the scene wasn’t believable and in my opinion, it was in how she delivered her lines. Her voice was annoyingly needy which, I felt, didn’t compliment the emotions she was trying to convey on her face. It was like I was just watching someone deliver lines from a paper, rather than them actually identifying the persona, making it their own, and then portraying it. Then there were some pauses she made as if she were trying to her remember her lines (or Julian’s name — yeah, Nina, I saw that).

Later, when Annika was drunk because Julian said that they were over, she started shouting and screaming like a little 6-year-old that didn’t get her ice-cream, which got real annoying fast. Not to mention, was Nina trying to flaunt her breasts during this scene, or is it a hidden rule that all actresses that act drunk have to keep bowing down to the camera to show the goods?

What I keep questioning is how Nina Jose landed this role when there’s so many other actresses from ABS-CBN that could have so easily fit in Annika’s shoes. Was it because she was also in PBBTE with Gerald and Kim and there was a love triangle that I didn’t hear about (thanks ABS-CBN for not showing PBB, PBBTE, and PBB Celebrity shows on TFC)?

However, Nina Jose is here now and it’s not like Annika can go to Belo and get cosmetic surgery and another actress suddenly takes her place. Just like Shaina Magdayao’s amazing transformation, I’m leaving a flicker of hope for Nina because I at least have to give her a break, considering she’s new meat whereas The Kimerald have Sana Maulit Muli (or Chances as it’s called in Taiwan), a few shows and series here and there, two movies, and numerous performances under their belt.

All in all, though I seem harsh on this girl, I’m really hoping she’ll step up in her game as Shaina Magdayao has and that we’ll be able to really see what she can do.


Lobo is “A Must Watch” | My Girl Ep. 8 Complete, Ep. 9 Tomorrow

I wasn’t able to post updates yesterday because WordPress on my PC was being a paiiiiiin. Anyways, it’s all good now since I’m on the laptop.

Let’s begin!


Watch Episode 92 NOW! (No Subs)

AND OF COURSE, not to forget:

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A Few Thoughts

Today’s episode, in my opinion, was very enjoyable.

Here we finally have Noah and his friends helping the lobo clan defeat Silva for one cause: to save Lyka. In some way, General Leon’s last mission in his life is finally being satisfied. 🙂

I am so glad the writers for Lobo decided to finally have Noah see the truth and have him fight with the good guys — seriously, this should be taken as a lesson to other upcoming or current dramas: don’t start a problem in the story, then have the main characters be at each other’s necks for what seems like weeks because you’re just prolonging the annoyance! We, as viewers, find it actually satisfying when the story sometimes goes our way. And that’s why Lobo is so different from all the other teleseryes I’ve seen — we, as viewers, are actually being listened to (yep, we know you Lobo employees lurk)!

With Lobo, we have an incredible story that we can analyze to no end, actors that give their all, and now I actually do feel that we, as viewers of the show, are a part of it also. We’re really in it, contributing, analyzing, and enjoying the ride, and all of this is happening while we’re all in different parts of the world, no less! So to the Lobo cast and crew, you’re doing a great job and I can’t wait for the finale. Also, don’t stop reading our threads! 🙂

To join, visit the Lobo thread at PinoyExchange.com. 🙂

On Gabby and Alec

Though I’ve been pretty much criticizing Shaina Magdayao’s portrayal of Gabby for the duration of the series, I have to show my satisfaction with her scene last night, when she finally told Noah her love for him. This whole time I’ve been bouncing back and forth trying to narrow who Gabby really is, and last night, I finally got it: she’s not the tough soldier I thought she was trying to portray before, but rather, in the inside, she’s just a little pup wanting to be loved that was forced to join the world of the Luna in order to survive the poverty she faced as a child. Could that be why she loves Noah so much, because he can be the rock she can lean on? Let’s face it, Gabby isn’t the hard-hearted, straight-face kind of girl, but rather, she’s very emotional and that’s already affected her as a soldier.

For now, and I think the majority of the “Wolfies” from the Lobo thread at PEx can agree with me when I say that Gabby should at least be given another chance at the love she so needs. And the main contender I have in mind is no other than Alec. Did anyone capture the sheer chemistry between these two when they went head to head with each other? John Pratts, be afraid, be very afraid! Seriously, kudos to whoever cast Geoff Eigenmann in this series — it’s probably the best character I’ve seen him play yet!

My Girl

Watch Episode 8 (Yesterday’s Episode) Now!

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Don’t forget to thank the subbing team. They’re probably the only team I know subbing this series (and probably the only Filipino series subbed on a continuous basis). Also, today’s episode, episode 9, will be uploaded and subbed tomorrow. So, until then! 🙂

Happy drama watching! 🙂

My Girl, EP 7 (W/EngSubs) Complete | Lobo, Still Rockin’ (Do Not Miss!)

Watch Episode 7 Now!

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Remember to give some thanks to the subbing team! 🙂 Also, unlike dramas from other countries, dramas from the Philippines usually run 30 minutes (w/ commercials) everyday (and this show just started on May 26, 2008!). So, if you liked it, be sure to keep visiting for updates!

How damn good is this show getting? Seriously, watch Episode 90 NOW (90 already? Whoah!).

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The Most Awaited Episode of Lobo, EVER.

Just when I thought the show was starting to slow down, the writers have once again proven me wrong. I urge you to watch today’s episode yourself rather than me having to give a recap because for sure, I wouldn’t be able to give it enough justice.

AND OF COURSE, not to forget:

In respect to Lobo, its creators, cast, and crew, you can buy Volume 1 (currently out of stock) & 2 (AVAILABLE!) of Lobo @ StarryStarry store for $13.99 each. Just search for “Lobo” at StarryStarry(dot)com.

Let’s begin! (click here to watch)

Lobofied Tuesday: “Lobo” Makes 360° Turn

The beginning kind of annoyed me a bit due to Lyka not using her super speed once again. However, by the end, the show saves itself from doom and as always, takes a leap forward. Thank you!


Lobolicious Monday: Such A Disappointment

For the duration of Lobo, I have always found delight in its well-written plot, the whirl of emotions successfully delivered from the characters when the situation calls it, and the daily gulp of mystery.

However, for tonight’s episode, the story dipped down the toilet a bit and it is all thanks to the scene where Rodolfo barges into Noah’s home looking to avenge the death of his brother, Raul.

First of all, why did Raul, out of the blue, lunge after Gabby? Hell, why was he even there in the first place? He should have stayed close to Nessa while waiting for Rodolfo and the other black lobo to bite Lyka, but instead, he somehow mysteriously appeared before Noah’s team of soldiers while they were capturing Alec. Then he does the dumbest thing ever which is attack Gabby, only to have himself shot to death by Noah. There should be a smilie face that smacks itself on the head because that’s the only thing that expresses how dumb this episode got.

So obviously, Rodolfo goes to Noah’s home only to find Zoey and Tikboy there. By this time, I was thinking of the worse. As much as I rag on Zoey, I don’t want her to die because it would just increase the levels of sadness and Noah’s hate for the lobo (to the point where he may never accept Lyka). (Tally: his father, dead; Leon, dead). I was literally screaming at my television for Lyka to appear, and it’s a damn good thing she did.

Here’s the part where I thought the show lost all sanity: Lyka gets out of the taxi, hears Zoey and Tikboy screaming, and instead of using her speed to quickly save them from whatever that was happening, she goes and fights Rodolfo’s pack of wolves of first. LYKA, you’re the freaking huling bantay — with one nudge of the elbow, people go splattering on the floor, for God’s sakes (e.g, Noah, Alec, the black lobo mother to name a few). Instead, you use up the time by kicking butt first. OH come on! How freaking dumb was that?

Then when Lyka’s done doing that, she still doesn’t use her speed to go to Zoey. Instead, Angel Locsin strikes a pose and does a freaking “sexy-bad-girl” walk like she’s on a damned runway. *rolls eyes* So finally, when Lyka reaches the room, she sees Rodolfo suffocating Zoey in mid-air (who is still surprisingly alive after all that time wasted), and once again, Lyka waits and does nothing but talk Rodolfo out of it. HELLO? You can just push Rodolfo away so Zoey can get some air, and then you can talk to him. Good God. You don’t see Clark talking the villain out of killing Lana/Lois/Chloe right? NO! He uses his super speed to quickly save his friends. Dumbest scene ever; I absolutely hated it.

There were other things that really bit the dust in this episode, but the aforesaid scene was just the crap topper (as opposed to “cherry on top”).

Lobofied Friday: A “Can’t-Miss” Episode

To watch tonight’s episode, watch it at Lobo, The Series @ Blogspot.

To discuss tonight’s episode or just chat with the Wolfies, visit the Lobo Thread @ PinoyExchange.com.

AND OF COURSE, not to forget:

In respect to Lobo, its creators, cast, and crew, you can buy Volume 1 & 2 of Lobo @ StarryStarry store for $13.99 each.