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Love or Bread: Calling All Watchers!



I’ve only been able to watch the first episode and a half, and it seemed pretty slow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a ISWAK & TKA fan as much as the next girl, but I just couldn’t seem to hang on to the story for the first episode. So, I’m asking you drama watchers: What do you think of Love or Bread?

I’ll be catching up with the series sometime later on during my break (yay!!), so I’d like to get YOUR opinion. 🙂


FTLY Episode 13: Currently Wishing I Understood Mandarin

FTLY Episode 13 is already out on the Tube, but without English subtitles. 😦

You can start watching the raw version at Rainie777 or you can simply search YouTube and you’ll see that so many people have uploaded parts of Episode 13 already. As for me, I’m still on the lookout for subtitles. 🙂

FTLY: New 4 Minute Preview!! (WITH Subs!) & Novel’s Ch. 10 and Epilogue OUT!

I’ve been waiting for this preview! 🙂 Thank you to minsquare91x for never failing to sub so quickly!! 🙂

Gosh, I am so damned excited for Sunday/Monday and I’m hoping the last scenes are in the next episode. Because we never know — remember how they showed the Shanghai scenes like 3 weeks ago and we’re still waiting to see them?

Nonetheless, I’m still thrilled. 🙂 Only 3/4 days to go!

In other FTLY news, the amazing people over at AsianFanatics.com, have released the English translated text of Chapter 10 and the Epilogue (just scroll down; it’s on the second post by Meosles). Beware, there’s obviously spoilers. 😀 Be sure to give the writers and contributers your thanks! 🙂

FTLY: Episode 12 (COMPLETE!!) with English Subs OUT!!!


(Look under the Videos section!)

Update June 3, 2008 3.00AM PST
Finally I’m able to edit this post! Anyways, I created another post earlier on stating that all parts were uploaded by the wonderful Minsquare91x! Please, get a box of tissue (because you’ll most likely star in a crying fest) and be sure to leave your thanks! 🙂 Also, give some more love to the rest of the subbers that participated in uploading parts of Episode 12:





Did I miss an uploader? Post a comment folks! 🙂

Here’s Episode 13’s Preview (WITH English subs):

FTLY: Prepare Your Boxes of Tissue

Pictures of Xin Yi apparently in an accident has appeared all over the FTLY forums. You know what that means. 😦

(Pictures are shown around the 1:05 mark)

This upcoming Sunday (Monday for the rest of the non-Mandarin speaking population) will be an emotional ride for sure. If you’re out of tissue, I suggest going to your local store to buy some. You’ll surely need it.

Get Your Tissue Box OUT Because FTLY’s EP 11 is HERE!

Thank you to minsquare91x from YT for subbing so quickly!

Click here to watch episode 11!

(Look under the “Videos” section for recent updates!)

I suggest that you have a tissue box ready. You’ll see why!

Also, here’s the preview of next week’s episode (I can’t wait!):

Taiwan’s ‘Hana Kimi’ Sequel Petition

Hi everyone and good afternoon from Los Angeles! I was searching the web and found that people have started a petition to demand a sequel to Taiwan’s Hana Kimi. To those that have watched the show starring Ella Chen and Wu Zun, it’s obvious that the ending was just crap. Yep, you read correctly! There I was, patiently waiting for the ending to be subbed in one of the mornings of March (or around this month) of last year before I was to head to my college class. Instead, I was disappointed when the story ended without answering the following questions: What happened between Rui Xi and Quan? How about Julia and Xiu Yi? And all of the whats and ifs!

This petition may or may not work, but there’s no harm in signing. It literally takes a few seconds depending on the speed of your typing skill. 😛

Sign the petition here!