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Piolo & Angel Coming to LA!


Two of my favorite Filipino actors, Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin, are coming to town (MY TOWN) on December 6, 2008 at the Wadsworth Theater in Brentwood. They’re coming (with Sam Milby) for the premiere of their new movie, Land Down Under.

So, to those that are car-friendly or bus-savvy, you can buy your tickets for $25 and sign up for the Meet & Greet. Warning: The Meet & Greet has many limitations so be sure to read all directions and keep your temper under wraps.

Click Here For ALL the Information!

Unfortunately for me, there’s a small snail’s chance I’m going. I am neither car-friendly nor bus-savvy when it comes to places in the far West side of town (though, I myself, live in Hollywood). Though disappointed and a bit saddened, I have hopes that I’ll get to meet them when I get a vacation to the Philippines.


Hoping that all is well with you,