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Piolo & Angel Coming to LA!


Two of my favorite Filipino actors, Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin, are coming to town (MY TOWN) on December 6, 2008 at the Wadsworth Theater in Brentwood. They’re coming (with Sam Milby) for the premiere of their new movie, Land Down Under.

So, to those that are car-friendly or bus-savvy, you can buy your tickets for $25 and sign up for the Meet & Greet. Warning: The Meet & Greet has many limitations so be sure to read all directions and keep your temper under wraps.

Click Here For ALL the Information!

Unfortunately for me, there’s a small snail’s chance I’m going. I am neither car-friendly nor bus-savvy when it comes to places in the far West side of town (though, I myself, live in Hollywood). Though disappointed and a bit saddened, I have hopes that I’ll get to meet them when I get a vacation to the Philippines.


Hoping that all is well with you,



FTLY: Episode 19, ALL PARTS Subbed!

Before I sleep…

Episode 19: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Episode 20: PREVIEW

Once again, these ultra fast subs are brought to you by JAYCEE. Be sure to leave Jaycee your thanks! 😀

ATTN: I thought I had a week free before the next session of college classes begins, but unfortunately, it takes place after it. So, that means my “Farewell” entry for Lobo is still unfinished.

However, now that Lobo is done, I’m wondering what upcoming teleseryes Angel Locsin will star in, other than that movie with Piolo. In other tidbit news, I feel that, just from the previews, GMA’s lineup definitely beats ABS-CBN’s right now. My Girl is probably the only one keeping the Kapamilya boat afloat.

Goodnight! 😀

– Paula

Edit It’s only Monday and Episode 19 plus Episode 20 Preview has ALL BEEN SUBBED!! Thank you Jaycee! 😀


To all the watchers of Lobo, this is a GIGANTIC spoiler for the show. You have been warned.


Salamat kay koreanoveladik for sharing them in the Lobo thread at PEx. Na gulat ako doon ah! lol

Lobo: Friday (7/4/08) Episode

I’ve been pretty much MIA for the past week of Lobo‘s last two weeks. However, thanks to the Internet, I’ve been able to catch up. 🙂

Noah & Lyka Scene

Finally, Noah is back with Lyka and when he turned into a lobo and picked her out amidst the other Braska (the name of the dog in the show – so cute!) and kisses her, first in dog form, then transforms into human form, that was so beautiful. The look on their faces, the way they kissed — all of it depicts the hardships, the battles won and lost, the time apart, thinking the other has no chance to live: all of this witnessed by the viewers and with that, the kiss was more like a relief, a satisfaction, a need, a victory for both Noah & Lyka and the viewers at home. Overall, this scene was beautifully filmed, edited, animated, and performed. Good work. Brilliantly executed!

Now in the case of Piolo Pascual, I did not like his way of kissing in Don’t Give Up On Us (too much saliva), alongside Judy Ann Santos, but in Lobo, man, has he improved! 🙂 And as for Angel, you can really see her character’s emotions. It’s obvious when I say that these two actors have greatly improved in their craft.

Noah & the Fifty Lobo

I knew it could be done!!! The animators/directors should have incorporated this during the Night of the Red Moon. I’m still hoping for a full on war against the Luna, so writers, is there any way to sneak it in and have the directors and filming crew work their magic?

Sir Elton

I love Sir Elton. I really do. I used to hate him in the beginning when he was making Lyka’s life a living hell, but he sure is a comic relief sometimes. In Friday’s episode, I loved how he snatched the cell phone out of the lady’s hands and stomped on it so the video of Lyka transforming into lobo form during her wedding will not be seen by the police (although it’s already made headlines, which I’ll talk about later).

His character isn’t the type that would all out try to make people laugh amidst a war, rather his actions are appropriate for his character. The background music also helped this scene because it didn’t have the usual “this is a funny scene, so laugh” sound. The actor playing Sir Elton wasn’t forcing us to laugh, rather, it’s his character’s persona to do what he did.

Lobo in the News

FREAKING FINALLY. I made a post in the Lobo/Wolfies thread about how current happenings in the story hasn’t even been on the news. The show is fiction, but in order to really get into the story, it has to have some sense of reality — for example, everyone must have seen what happened during the Night of the Red Moon, yet it feels like only the people battling that night saw it, since the show never incorporated a news report/headline. Seriously, in real life, I think that if the Moon were to ever turn red with fireballs hitting the Philippines, it would probably make it to the Top Stories section.

Moving on, so finally, the writers incorporated a newspaper scene where it shows that the people of the Philippines are aware that there are lobo amongst them, most importantly, Lady Elle, one of the most important icons in the fashion industry. Now, hopefully, they’ll incorporate a news report soon. I don’t care if it’s Edu, Donita, or Bernadette — as long as there’s a sense that the people, in the world of the lobo, is AWARE.

Way of Filming

Another wish of mine was fulfilled! In the post where I wrote about the lack of world awareness in Lobo, I also talked about how the way some scenes were being filmed was seriously lacking. I asked for different angles, most especially, a worm’s-eye-view, and I got it! The scene where Anton was being pushed away from the Cave of Remus by strong, fierce winds was far better than when they shot it with Noah. Gone is the weird angle close-ups, so say hello to the ground-view-looking-into-the-cave shot. 😀


Good Friday episode. 🙂 The scene where Noah and Lyka meet and kiss (which was a beautiful surprise) really made this episode shine. Now I can’t wait for today’s episode!

Until then, happy drama watching! 😀

Lobo Bids Farewell on ASAP :(

I can’t believe the show that I actually stood by with is coming to an end soon. It started on January 28, Winter season here in Los Angeles, and ends in the Summer. Congratulations to the cast, crew, and writers of Lobo — this show really created a community as well as push Angel Locsin to really shine as an actress and to further show that Piolo Pascual is one hell of an actor.

ALSO, to the Wolfies that went on ASAP, awesome representation guys! I love our banner! 🙂

Lobofied Monday: RIP Manolo, Lobo is a Freaking Movie


Lobo has once again taken a weird turn and have started killing off more people. This time, the lucky winner is Manolo. It was evident he was going to get killed off when he proposed to Lady Elle and told Noah to really try to fully accept Lyka and all her lobo qualities as well as the clan itself. The show was making him SAY HIS GOODBYES! However, my love for the show made me think that it was utterly ridiculous if the writers did opt to kill him. I guess I was wrong.

Although, for some reason, I feel that there’s still a spark of hope that the writers will try to bring him back, or at least portray that his death was just an act because him being shot by the gunman happened all too fast. His death happened all too fast and there wasn’t even any heart-felt, crying-your-eyes-out scene at the hospital where everyone would just be looking at his heart beat pulsing down to an eerie nonstop beep. Writers, is there something up your sleeves, or was it just because there wasn’t time to fit in this scene into the already hectic and busy schedule?

Either way, I think it was unnecessary to kill off another good character, and a pretty important one at that. Hell, I still miss Choi and now Manolo? Hopefully, Manolo’s death will have contributed to something vital in the next episodes to come. But if the show keeps killing off more people, then Lobo won’t be any better than Ysabella, Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita, CRAZY FOR YOU (gosh, I hated how they killed Toni Gonzaga’s character in the end), and the list goes on. I call it unnecessary killing.


Trixie is the next E! host aka the next Nana Sela. A part of me thinks that this storyline was just added and was never included in Mark Bunda’s original story, but I’m somewhat okay with it — it adds more to the story. But, if only her abilities were introduced in the beginning episodes of Lobo, that way, I wouldn’t be feeling like the new plot for Trixie was a kind of emergency addition. I’m hoping that the show will try to surprise us by going into past episodes and at least try to make connections to her newfound abilities — to show that the writers have been thinking about this for a long time.


Girl, to put it simply and in very very casual American English, you are gettin’ on my last nerves!! I gave you such a beautiful report on your personality progress, but I just hated how you were blaming the sniper’s death on the lobo clan. First of all, why? Past episodes have heavily touched on the idea that you have been sucking face with Alec, but you still don’t trust him, nor his kind? Parang, it was unlikely for her character to just blame it all on the lobo. I would’ve believed it if she blamed it on a specific person, but all of the lobo clan? After she’s been with Alec? Seems not very her. Now she’s going into Anton’s lair — writers, stop killing people off. I beg you…!

Lyka and her Lobo Form

At first, I found it soooo hilarious how everyone would just be talking to a dog. Then in tonight’s episode, it shows Lyka in a translucent-ghost-like form that only Anton can see — I liked that a lot. What I didn’t like was how Lyka was able to touch and hold the jail-cell bars, but she couldn’t even touch anyone else! WTH? Seriously, things like these shouldn’t be forgotten — it’s very careless.


Okay episode tonight. I liked how Tikboy finally told Trixie that they were related as well as related to Nana Sela. I just didn’t like how she told him to keep her newfound abilities a secret. [insert annoyed facial expression] The whole time I was shouting, “TELL THEM ALREADY.” And doesn’t anyone else (in the show) see when Trixie’s eyes turn white?! It’s like only the viewers see it…

Considering it’s Monday, it’s normal for Filipino shows to start slow at the first day (My Girl is a good exception). So I’ll just wait for tomorrow’s.

Lobo is a Freaking Movie

This is what I’ve noticed with this show — it runs like a movie. There’s never a chance to breathe, which can be both good and bad.

It’s a good thing when the show runs like you just can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s or next week’s episode (if you’re watching on a Friday). Believe me, Lobo is like that most of the time. 🙂

Bad because everything is just on-going and twists and turns are being added left and right — like we’re really watching a movie and we’ve been waiting for the ending. You know, that type. However, in this case, we’ve been waiting for the ending for months. It depends on how you’d take that sentence. To me, I’m excited to know what’s going to happen in the end already: will Lyka and Noah really survive and grow old together and have tons of babies that will populate the Philippines? lol

All in all, two weeks left everyone!! [insert fan girl scream] I’m really hoping the writers stick to their greatness and stop all this killing. If I had my way, I’d want it to end already (say, this week) so there won’t be anymore killings.

Lobo Tuesday: If You Have It, Then Use It!

Watch Episode 95 Now
Sorry non-Tagalog speakers, this show is not subbed, unfortunately.
Fancy reading instead? Read the Summary Now

The Red Moon has come, Lyka and Silva are literally at each other’s necks, the lobo and the Luna are in battle, Noah is evading bullets. This is what we have all been waiting for, the moment in which the story reaches its climax, or at least its purpose.

If only tonight’s episode was executed well.

Probably what peeved me off the most was Lyka’s scene with Silva. Lyka knocked him out and as she was about to (achingly slowly) retrieve the Stone of Remus from Silva’s hand, he opens his eyes and suddenly pulls her down to the ground, proceeding to strangle her to death. While he was doing this, Lyka had two free hands that she could have so easily used to punch him off her. But no. She instead uses her free right hand to try to literally, “reach for the moon,” while the other was lightly caressing the hands that were stealing the life out of her lungs. Seriously, what were the directors thinking, let alone Angel Locsin?

You can see what I mean by clicking here
. Credit goes to You see her right arm? The fist attached to it could have punched Silva easily.

Another thing that I just did not like and found sickening was when Silva repeatedly stabbed Lyka as she was holding the Stone to the Red Moon. Watching that made me sick to the stomach and it was very unLobo like. It was where the story went from the love/drama genre to the gory one. Sure Silva is hungry for power, but from all the past 90+ episodes, never did I predict that the story would turn into a preview of Saw V.

Oh and one more thing about Lyka. Girl, if you have the freaking power of super speed, then by all means, use it!!! How many times did Lyka have a chance to quickly snatch the Stone from Silva and just throw him against a rock or over a cliff? The whole time!

Then there was Piolo Pascual, that I usually have high praises for. During his shooting scene with the Luna, it seemed like he was pretending to be Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, turning round and round while shooting at invisible enemies. He did that about three times until, finally, he got shot. I was actually thankful that happened because it put a stop to all that spinning. Instead of how this was executed, I was hoping that the camera would circle Piolo as he was shooting and that it would actually show the Luna shooting at him. But no, we as viewers are forced to imagine where the shooters are. Last time I checked, it’s not our job to do that.

Aside from our two main characters, the battle scene between the lobo and the Luna was just a disappointment. The scene lacked in efficient choreography, as if everyone were told to partner up and that they would just try their best not to hurt each other, but at the same time, put in a few blows, all of this in slow motion. The editors could have improved it with quick transitions, camera angles, and different sound effects. It’s as if us viewers would not be able to tell that each blow to the face was the same sound. Oh, come on!

This is how I have been imagining THE battle of the century to happen:

The setting is on an open field, no trees, just grass. The background music has a slow drum-like beat. Along the horizon, the Luna awaits, while the lobo look on (game face applied), ready to fight from their end. Both parties are ready to cut the distance between them. The Luna starts to advance, running towards the wolves, guns pointed. Meanwhile, the lobo are engulfed by a blue pulsing glow as each are transforming to wolf form, leaping forward, going head to head into the heat of the battle. As this is going on, the background music goes from its slow pulse to a much more, harder, tougher, faster pace.

Both parties are a little far away, but when they do meet, there’s an integration of moving, fighting bodies. The camera gives us a side aerial view, then quickly zooms and cuts into different scenes of what’s happening to everyone. And it’s dark (just like tonight’s episode), with only the light of the moon giving just a hint of shine on each of their faces. Some lobo die (the extras) by the onslaught of bullets while some (Geoff) barely miss them and lunge after the Luna. Those that are not lobo, aka Choy, Gabby, and Manolo, also fight and we see quick moves, you know, the ones that make it seem like they actually went into military training.

For this to happen, it needs great camera work and a detailed fight scene between each and everyone. Instead, we’re given a small group of fighting lobo (not even in wolf form) and Luna, hitting each other at a snail’s pace. At other times, fists weren’t even making contact with skin!

Seriously, Lobo crew, you guys have been doing SO well in the past episodes, but lately, something fishy has been going on. Remember that you marketed this show to a smart community — don’t give us anything less.

The one scene that I probably liked out of tonight’s episode was when Noah shot Silva when Lyka was being stabbed and Noah ran to help keep Lyka on her feet as the Red Moon was putting its full force on her. To me, this scene was just another enforcer to the recurring fact that Noah and Lyka are stronger as one. So that when Lyka becomes weak, Noah is always there to give her the additional strength she needs. Beautiful indeed.

editThey actually filmed the Noah/Lyka scene in daylight (link). Wow. TOTALLY different from the end product. I give props to the graphics/animation designers for this one.