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Lyka Isn’t the Last Guardian?

Due to Lobo‘s second season, the writers have opted to interpret that Lyka isn’t the huling bantay (last guardian). Usually, in cases where television series prolong a story because of its extension, I frown upon it. Nay, I get annoyed because I start to think, “Oh come on. We’ve been waiting for this!”

According to that old lady Lady Elle keeps going to for the Update (sort of like E! in Lobo land lol), Lyka is the last guardian, but at the same time isn’t because she hasn’t fully given her heart to the Stone of Remus. At a viewer’s standpoint, I quite agree. I somewhat accept this new story line they have going on here because the whole week before Lyka was to get the Stone, I didn’t feel she was ready anyway. Although there were tears, sad goodbyes to Nessa and Noah, I just didn’t believe that she, in her current state (being literally forced to save a world she just discovered and hadn’t even accepted wholly), would be able to successfully stop the happenings during the Pulang Buwan (Red Moon). There were no tingles, no “Oh-My-God this is it” feeling when Lyka was training nor did I feel it when she held that rock in her poor burnt-black hand; it was as if I was waiting for more. I guess I got my wish. hah

On a side note, today’s episode made me literally laugh out loud as well! At the part when Lady Elle brought Lyka back to the mansion and Selina Argos was checking her blood pressure, Selina said that Lyka’s BP was 90/60 and was dangerously low. 0.0 The last time I checked my BP was 90/60 and when I heard this, I just literally laughed out loud. It’s okay though guys because I’ve been eating the right foods since. I hope my BP’s back to normal. 🙂

Coming back to the story at hand, as I was writing my opinion on Nessa being selfish for wanting to leave Lady Elle’s premises for own safety, I realized that that may be the right thing to do, for her. Total, she’s a black lobo and it’s not like she can stand up and say, “Hey guys, I’m a black lobo that didn’t mean to drink human’s blood, so don’t kill me!,” because the white lobo clan would still do so in a few seconds (remember Lorenzo, Lyka’s grandfather?).

In addition to Nessa, the black waya reported back to his clan that Nessa may be another black waya. I started to imagine Nessa fighting for the black lobo and Lyka fighting for the white and the two going at it. Crazy.

Putting the lobo world aside, let’s come back to Noah’s world: Zoey is being the prissy brat of a little sister she is and blames Lyka for Noah not coming to the dinner she made. The next morning, after hearing Noah scream out during his dream, she barges into his room and Noah apologizes for his absence last night.

Noah: I’m sorry about last night; I just had something to do.

Zoey: Don’t bother to lie Kuya (older brother). I know that Lyka’s the reason. Right?

(Noah makes a “Damn, I’ve been caught” face)

Zoey: I knew it. You’re always placing Lyka before Daddy and me all the time. It’s always Lyka.

Noah: Zoey, don’t blame her.

Zoey: You can’t change my opinion of her. I won’t like her ever. Why not other girls? Why not ATE GABBY (older sister Gabby) ?

Noah: (Noah makes a face close to “What?”)

Zoey: Rather than that Lyka.

Noah: So she’s the one you like. Just let last night go.

Ooohh… the mouth on that girl! When she suggested Gabby as someone Noah should pursue, my thought at that moment was, “ARE YOU NUTS?!” Come on, Gabby of all people! Noah might as well be a pedophile for Gabby looks like a little 13-year-old girl that’s crying all the time because she didn’t get to have nap time. -_-

Although I’ve flamed on Zoey a couple of times, I don’t mind in doing so. It’s quite fun actually, but that doesn’t mean that the writers can go overboard with her character’s opinion on Lyka (unlike a certain villain that wouldn’t die *cough*Angelika*cough* select the blank spot to see!).

While were at the topic of Noah, the writers are giving us hints that Noah will start to come back to the Luna. When Noah got back home from spying on Lyka, he overheard General Leon on the cell and showing a face of disappointment and grief when calling the Luna agency. When Noah asks if whether the lobo kill people when it’s a full moon, General Leon tells him that it’s at this time when more innocent people get killed by the lobo. Here, we start to see how Noah’s idea of going back to the Luna begins to formulate. He also flashes back at the time when he was put in the Luna jail cell and his friend Marco was telling him to not let him down and to not let the Luna down.

As for tomorrow, Lyka and Noah will see each other again and will have a kissing contest. 🙂

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned how anxious I am when Geoff Eigenmann’s Alec’s going to create some turbulence in the Lyka-Noah world.

Until then, happy drama watching! 🙂

Credits: Screencaps are from Dave’s uploaded videos. I’d give you guys the link, but you know how some people are…

— Paula


Water Cooler Talk #1 | Dyesebel

Hi everyone! I decided to create a series of Water Cooler posts so that I wouldn’t have to write whole posts about each little thought I have.


Here in America, our shows on GMA is behind a week to the Philippines’ broadcast, so Dyesebel hasn’t been aired yet. Curious, I searched for uploaded videos of the new show starring Ding-Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera and luckily, I found them. 🙂 First and foremost, I have nothing against these two all. I think Marian is great and Ding-Dong — I’ve loved him since the Antoinette Taus days! However, because I was so disappointed with Marimar, I don’t know if I’d like watching Dyesebel. I have an awful feeling that the show will just be like the former. The writers will just put Dyesebel through so many hardships and then I’ll be getting a headache… yeah, I don’t want to go through that again. So I’m considering on putting Dyesebel on a trial week and see how it goes.

However for the first episode, I couldn’t even sit watching it. One forum member stated that the graphics and effects matched that of the movies (I’m guessing effects from American or other foreign movies?). The first thought that came to my head was, “Excuse me? Did we watch the same episode here?” Seriously, I thought I was watching Finding Nemo! No offense to the graphics designers and animators, but this wasn’t supposed to be a cartoon. I’m sorry Dyesebel fans, I just don’t see the hype in it all, but I’ll give it a try nonetheless.

edit: I thought I was the only one thinking the same way… guess not.


While writing my page on Lobo, I just realized how far this story has gone. I can’t believe that it’s been so long since Lyka and Noah (hah I wrote Piolo and erased it) led normal lives.

Also, there’s a few people starting to sub Lobo which I think is fantastic. Maybe I should join the band wagon? lol Actually, I’ve subbed before — I subbed a few Marimar parts of their Christmas episode, but it was soooooo time consuming! Seriously, it’s a long process and I don’t know how subbing teams for Taiwan, Japanese, and Korean dramas do it!

As for Lobo, nothing much to say really. Lyka finally gets a hold of the rock that will save them all and faints due to the sheer pain of the rock’s flames. And Lady Elle also goes into the cave to see if Lyka is all right. I’m mostly excited for tomorrow’s episode. 🙂

I need your help!

Does anyone know where I can get pictures of Lobo or Dyesebel that I can use for layouts or screencaps, or such?

Stephen Colbert VS Rain

Once again Stephen Colbert is trying to win votes for TIME’s Top 5 Most Influential and is getting beat by no other than Korea’s Rain (Bi). I absolutely love watching Colbert, especially when he talks about Rain — it’s so hilarious.

Here’s the latest clip from The Colbert Report where Colbert challenges Rain to come to his studio to have a dance-off (hah!). If you don’t know about their on-going “fued”, then watch this:

In addition, as I was searching for their Colbert/Rain videos on YouTube, someone posted videos of Rain’s arrival in America for The Colbert Report. True or not true?

Anyways, on the 2008 TIME 100 Finalists, Rain is now #2 and Stephen Colbert is directly below him. Who is #1? Of course! It’s Shigeru Miyamoto! We all know him. (0.0) Video-game designer extraordinaire! Hmm… I wonder what Stephen Colbert and Rain will have to say about this? Maybe a partnership perhaps, to de-throne Mr. Miyamoto? 🙂

Rain lovers from around the world, you know what to do! 🙂

Here’s an extra clip from Full House just for the heck of it:

Happy drama viewing everyone!

What I Learned from ISWAK & TKA

For the past thirty or so minutes I have been crying my eyes out, due to disbelief that They Kiss Again is over and that there won’t be anymore Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu (I think this is what Harry Potter readers probably felt when they finished the last page of the 7th book lol). I truly love these characters, most especially our comical heroine, Xiang Qin.

I loved how she never gave up, especially when the odds were against her. Such as the time when she tried getting into the Top 100 in high school (ISWAK) and miraculously snagged the last spot due to sleepless nights filled with studying. Then in TKA, through hard work and dedication, she managed to become a nurse (come on guys, XQ a nurse!).

Obviously, I know this is a TV show with fictional characters. However, when a story has a character such as Xiang Qin, I don’t think there’s a problem with channeling her strength into our daily lives. Ever since I started watching this series back in late 2006, I sometimes catch myself remembering Xiang Qin whenever things in my life were in a rut and would tell myself, “Paula, jia you! Aja! Fighting! Laban!” From this, I learned that taking action is better than sitting on my ass and getting nowhere.

I know it’s really corny for me to feel this way about a television series, but I love to learn and practice what I’ve learned in my every day life. These life lessons can come from anywhere — my Philosophy, Political Science, History, and Economics classes in college, my family and friends’ mistakes and failures, and even from romantic-comedy television series.

ISWAK and TKA contributed a few lessons in my life and I won’t ever forget that. Other than lessons, the show offered laughter, tears, and joy. Though the show concludes its series with the audience questioning what will happen to the couple, at least it means that their story hasn’t ended. In other words, we are free to imagine how and where they lead their lives. Although, I feel that they’ll be quite all right since at the end of every TKA episode, they show Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu healthy and alive with white hair. Intended or not intended, that’s how I’d like to believe it — Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin happy.

To watch the last episode, click here. I can’t thank Gloria, Denise, Sable84, Aquafina, ISWAKCRAZED, Daisuki, and the one who I started watching it from, dreammer90, enough for subbing this series.

Happy drama viewing everyone!

Lobofied Wednesday: What I’ve Been Waiting For

As soon as tonight’s episode ended, emotions of relief, excitement, and kiligment swept over me. At that moment, I began to wonder if the writers really do read my entries or other people’s suggestions and criticisms — nay, I believe they really do. (On the other hand, I may have a psychic power that lets me foresee the future of Lobo. However, I’ll stick to the thought that they do read this blog! heh)

Anyways, Lyka and Nessa come to stay at Lola Elle’s house for safety and so that Lyka can also start her waya training (haven’t I been wishing this for the past few weeks?!). Lady Elle also informs Nessa a brief history of the lobo and why the Luna organization is against them: the black lobo are killing people and the Luna concludes that they should extinguish all lobo. Later that night, as Lyka just drifted off to sleep, Nessa sits in front of a mirror and shows her true identity — she herself is a black lobo. Now let me put my two cents on this topic — I knew all along that Nessa was a black lobo… okay, okay. I knew subconsciously. 🙂 GAH! I blame that one YouTube commenter that suggested that it was the black waya that bit Anton, when all the darn signs were there — it was Nessa that bit Anton, and thus became a black lobo. That’s why she can’t even stand to look at Anton without having those flashbacks! Darn you, YouTube commenter for swaying me.

While Lyka’s sleeping, she has a dream about the last bantay from 500 years ago (haha another Eigenmann) and asked her if she really was ready to take on this mission. Meanwhile, Papa P goes to Anton’s house to visit Lyka, but she wasn’t there, obviously. He then goes to House of Elle and sees Trixie instead. This is the point where I felt the old feelings from the “Good Days.” The scene then switches to Lyka walking into the office as everyone (including Sir Elton) notices her beauty, which Trixie later explains that it’s her lobo aura acting up and that Lyka will be able to control it once she can control her loboness. This almost made me want to be a lobo. Almost.

Then… Lyka sees cupcakes on her desk… from Papa P/Noah. Ah! Bring on the kilig! 🙂 Please! More!

Meanwhile, Papa P/Noah pretends that he’s talking to Lyka in his bedroom and tells her how much he misses her. That was one of the sweetest moments! Piolo surely excels in all this love-stuff (acting-wise), even if it’s bordering on the weirdo side. 🙂

After a couple weeks of hair-tearing annoyance (as you can tell from my lack of posts!) from this show, I’m glad that the writers are slowly coming back to their former glory, before all this mess happened. Lyka is starting her waya training which moves the story forward, unlike during these weeks where we see our beloved heroine crying all the damned time.

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to talk about Zoey and her boy-toy. I’m glad that she’s given a love interest here — it gets her out of Noah’s hair most of the time. heh Nonetheless, their puppy-love has a cuteness factor. 🙂

So Lobo writers, directors, actors/actresses, and whomever else from the series is reading, this is the stuff that makes Lobo good. Please do not ruin it by adding more aches, pains, and headaches by having Lyka moan and cry all the time. Personally, I like the Lyka-Trixie friendship. In my past posts, I’ve mentioned several times that the duo brings fun and laughter into the series. Even Sir Elton brings in comic relief amid sadness. Don’t forget about these characters! The series doesn’t have to be serious all the time — remember when Lyka first got into House of Elle? Man, I miss those days; those days full of Lyka-Noah moments, Lyka being a klutz and Sir Elton getting on her case, and the mareness of Lyka and Trixie.

As for tomorrow night’s episode, I’m personally excited for Lyka to learn how to control and use her powers. I’m also wondering as to when Papa P/Noah will go back to the military to start his Luna training (which ultimately leads us to the series’ MV where Noah shoots Lyka as she is in lobo form). And the question of the night: WHY would he go back? Hmm… writers, make it good! Kaya niyo yan, jia you, and aja! heh 🙂 I’ll just sit here and patiently wait and conjure up my own theories.


To my visitors. Hello everyone! I’ve never been able to greet you guys, so I wanted to do it now. I do check my stats and have been able to find (stalk) where you guys have been clicking my site on. heh Anyways, thank you to the few people over at the PinoyExchange for spreading my reviews, and well, basically reading them. I never expected that I’d get a large amount of people coming in on certain days and reading what I wrote. To me, that’s good enough and does a lot for my ego (hah). Anyways, don’t be scared. Leave me comments about the show! Your views, thoughts, hidden fantasies of our hero, Piolo… 🙂

I also tried to add a chatroom (and failed), but due to WordPress limitations, I can only put a two-way conversation box from Meebo. Lammmme! So I suggest that you leave comments instead. 🙂

Goodnight and happy drama viewing everyone! Also, don’t forget to use reusable bags rather than plastic when you’re at the grocery. Come on, it was Earth day a couple days ago!

Lobo Friday: How Zoey Got On My Nerves

Once again, I just finished watching another episode of Lobo just minutes ago. My, oh my, these sad episodes are really getting under my skin. Ever since Lyka became a lobo, the run of the show has just been full of tears. GAH! I’m really getting tired of it. I expected that the Luna would start Noah’s advanced training in killing the lobo while Lyka would try to move on so she could master her abilities and hopefully try to learn to live as a taong-lobo (human-wolf).

In the beginning of tonight’s episode, Gabby is instructed to kill Lyka. Lyka overhears the gunman report his instructions using her sensitive hearing and instead of running to take cover, Lyka looks directly at the gunman and freaking just STANDS THERE for what seemed like ages. Hell, if I saw a gunman, directly pointing his gun at me, I’d scream my head off WHILE running for cover. Fortunately for our beloved heroine, Gabby gets a phone call and is instructed to stop the assassination. After the gunman leaves, she then whimpers and starts crying, remembering her childhood days when she used to eat left-over food from the garbage and when she was first recruited (saved) by the Luna. It’s a really sad scene (and is intended for us to learn more about Gabby’s hardships, which is great on the writers’ part), but to have it after the canceled attempt to kill Lyka? I’m not sure if she feels remorse for almost killing Lyka since she’s always been wanting to do so anyway. And if she did feel remorse, then the flashback would explain that she was forced into the Luna so she could survive, but now feels horrible for almost killing Lyka. GAH. Gabby has such a complex personality; it’s difficult to understand what she really wants. Ugh!

As for Trixie and Lyka, I want them to be on good terms again. In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I love the bond between those two, and hell, it better come back! Unfortunately, Lyka’s being emo and confused right now, so I guess I’ll just have to wait.

There was also a confrontation between Noah’s little sister, Zoey, and Lyka. If I were Lyka, I would’ve told this little brat that I’ve known Noah since we were kids, unlike her! This is in reference to the time they were at the top floor and Zoey was telling Lyka how Noah changed (she meant for the worse) after she came into their lives. Then Zoey starts asking Lyka where her kuya is. Obviously, Zoey hasn’t been watching the show or at least been listening — how could she not remember when Lyka went to their house, just yesterday, and she walked in at the time Lyka was telling her Dad to tell Noah she said hi. So obviously, if Lyka’s been seeing Noah, then she wouldn’t have visited his house to try to say her greetings! Common sense Zoey.

So aside from Gabby’s flashback and fun Trixie, the other scene I liked from tonight’s episode was when Lady Elle brought Lyka to a children’s school. There, she showed Lyka a fellow lobo, living normally as a teacher and as human being. However, the relief of living normally was cut short when Lyka became moody and ruined it. She proceeded to ask if whether the teacher was married to a human or a lobo, has kids, and if whether the kids were lobo as well. -_-

Moving on, Lady Elle needs to hop on a train speed bullet and tell Lyka that she’s the last guardian, and quickly! The traydor has something up his sleeves and it’s not going to be good for Lady Elle.

Not to forget, the writers need to start putting some lighter and happier episodes back to the show. All this crying is not good for the body! lol

With that said, happy drama viewing everyone! 🙂

Lobofied Wednesday: Connecting The Dots

Tonight’s episode was pretty good in that it was able to connect everything together. We are brought back to the past, momentarily, to see how Noah was raised under the care of his adoptive father, General Leon. In my opinion, I think that Gen. Leon really wants to be a real father to Noah, but due to the Luna’s mission, he has to act tough on the boy. (BTW, shooting that dog was a major no-no). In addition, we also discover why the Luna thinks Noah is so “special” — he’s the only one (aside from his dead father) who has blood that is immune from the bite of a lobo. Terrific. 🙂 Well done on the writer’s part on that bit. Now everything about Noah and why the Luna wants him so badly fits together.

Meanwhile, Lady Elle continues to tell Lyka everything: how she knew Lyka was a lobo, how she knew Lyka was her granddaughter, the works. Lady Elle also shows Lyka’s lobo ancestors dating back to the early late 1890s (I’m taking a really, really, wild guess), which I liked. And here’s Lyka, still in utter confusion as to how and why she became a lobo and if there’s a medicine to cure it. GAH! You should be freaking happy that you have family that can tell you everything!

Anways, DO NOT GET ME STARTED WITH NESSA. OMG. Nessa, after living at the Luna laboratory for about 10 years or so, has become so paranoid. Lady Elle drops off Lyka where the mother and daughter are currently living. Lyka proceeds to tell Nessa everything, but the poor woman doesn’t believe a thing, and instead suspects that Lady Elle may be lying since her father never told her about him having a twin sister. Lady Elle then invites the two to stay at her house where they would be safe, but since Nessa is so paranoid, she declines and tells Lyka to never meet Lady Elle again. My first thought was, “Nessa, gaga mo naman.” lol I couldn’t help it.

However, after some consideration, I, as a viewer, would of course think that way. We are the ones who are seeing everything that’s happening, or at least we see what the director wants us to see. Since we know that Lady Elle is Lyka’s grandmother we would obviously think that Nessa’s being a dingus (the first word that popped up in my head, sorry! lol). Whereas, Nessa here, she wouldn’t know; she’s not watching Lobo like the rest of us who are either in the Philippines watching at home, have Youtube, or TFC. So… I guess, I’ll just have to give her a break. 😛

Though, hopefully Nessa is able to accept Lady Elle as family so Lyka can start her waya training. 🙂 As for Papa P aka Noah Hotness, I’m still wondering as to what the writers will make of him. Will he be Noah, the one working for Luna against the Lobo who will shoot Lyka, or the undercover good guy trying to find a way to stop the organization, but who will still shoot Lyka? We will just have to wait and see…

As for tomorrow night, Lady Elle asks the traitor if he’s the traydor. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Lady Elle. She has to stay alive — she has a mission!